The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team announced 10 new positive cases of the coronavirus in its daily report Wednesday.

Twelve Douglas County residents are currently receiving hospital care for the illness, including three within the county and nine out of the area.

The team is presently monitoring 105 people who are in isolation as well as 293 potential contacts who are in quarantine.

In the weekly report from the Oregon Health Authority, one assisted living and senior care facility — Chantele’s Loving Touch Memory Care in Sutherlin — has had a new outbreak with a total of three potential positive or presumptive cases. The first case was reported on April 28.

Among area workplace outbreaks, the Roseburg Forest Products Dillard Composites plant added one more case on April 18, raising the total cases in that outbreak to 14.

Meanwhile, the outbreak at Roseburg Forest Products Dillard Plywood was declared resolved this week after having gone 28 days without a new reported positive test.

The case count at the Roseburg Costco remained at nine, with the last reported case on April 11.

In its daily report, the Oregon Health Authority announced 808 new cases of the coronavirus statewide and one death, a 41-year-old Lane County man who died on Jan. 1 and reportedly had underlying health conditions.

A total of 330 people suffering from COVID-19 were occupying hospital beds in the state, a decrease of 15 from Tuesday.

The Douglas County Tiger Team mobile vaccination unit has one more popup clinic scheduled for this week, at the Timber Valley SKP Park, 800 S. State St., Sutherlin. That clinic will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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(4) comments


Mike Hammer (when you're a hammer all you see are nails...) The OHA vaccination numbers aren't reflective of the actual percentage of Douglas County residents as they do not include Cow Creek Tribal and VA Hospital administered vaccinations. I'm sure you know this, as this has been discussed by Dr. Dannenhoffer on his FacebookLive events. What right do you have to anyone's medical records -- including those of elected officials? In fact, federal law prohibits it (HIPAA). Also, why would the NR listen to you when all you do is bash them in the comment sections. Lastly, Commissioner Boice did a good job of explaining his position on anti-vaxxers -- yet you continue to quote him out of context to perpetrate your lie that he encourages their position. I think a better NR story is how much money (and other resources such as the Fairgrounds, staff support, etc.) has the County provided DPHN and the rest of the community to support vaccination efforts.

I read your back and forth with Commissioner Boice -- and its clear that you two had a disagreement, regrettable words were exchanged and he apologized for his part, but you can't let go of your anger. For a year I've been trying to figure out what motivates someone to be so driven to attack one person -- sacrificing any sense of honesty and decency. I don't think the answer is all that complex. You are just a bitter person with a lot of time on your hands.


27,394 Douglas County residents are fully vaccinated according to today's Oregon Health Authority report. That is a mere 24.4%. It's not hard to understand why considering our own County Commissioner Chris Boice defends and encourages antivaxers.

Shouldn't the News-Review be reporting which of our elected leaders (commissioners, mayors, councilpeople, senators, representatives) have been vaccinated? They are ALL public figures and claim to be leaders. Are they leading antivaxers or are they leading people to be vaccinated?

st paddy

yes, our leaders should be at the forefront leading their constituents to getting vaccinated, showing us the way.

Marine Vet

Vaccinate Yourself. Soon it will ONLY Be Infecting the " WILLFULLY IGNORANT "

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