Douglas County's traveling COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinic will be setting up shop in Reedsport beginning Tuesday.

The drive-thru clinic will be located at 680 Fir Ave., adjacent to the Douglas County Courthouse Annex through Nov. 7. The clinic will be open from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. each day.

There is no preregistration required for the clinic, which will provide its services to anyone ages 12 or older. Those ages 12-14 will require written consent from a parent or guardian to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. First and second doses of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine are available.

The clinic does not provide a COVID-19 rapid test, but will offer a PCR test, with results returned within three to four business days.

More information about the traveling clinic is available by calling the Douglas County COVID-19 Hotline at 541-464-6550.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported 46 new and presumptive cases Thursday and 25 new positive tests Friday.

Two more county residents — an 89-year-old woman and 70-year-old man — have died as a result of the coronavirus, raising the county's death toll to 255. Neither had been vaccinated.

There were 31 county residents hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms, 20 locally and 11 out of the area. At CHI Mercy Medical Center, there were just two coronavirus patients in the intensive care unit while the progressive care unit remained empty. Of all patients being cared for at Mercy, 10% were being treated for COVID-19 complications.

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3 MORE Covid deaths were reported today (below link) in Douglas County, increasing the total to 258. All three were unvaccinated.


49.3% Douglas County residents are currently vaccinated according to the CDC (below link). While the first 40% of Douglas County’s 112,251 residents were vaccinated 6 months after the vaccine was made available in December, it could be months before Douglas County achieves 50% fully vaccinated status. Below are the dates fully vaccinated Douglas County residents achieved key percentage milestones according to the CDC.

5%-----------Feb 19

10%---------Mar 3

20%---------Apr 5

30%---------May 7

40%---------June 29



Can somebody explain to me why new covid cases and deaths in the US are as high or higher now as they were last year at the same time of year. You can't say it's the unvaccinated or the delta variant because last year no vaccines had even been administered to the public!


FedUp: COVID-19 new cases were averaging >82k on Oct 31, 2020. A year later, >72k. So new cases were higher a year ago than today.

New deaths are higher today than a year ago: averaging about 1300/day vs about 800 a year ago.

But, yes, I can say delta; it's far more transmissible and apparently more lethal. Further, people are a lot more lax; a year ago, people were far more careful about distancing and masking.


That'a a good question, FedUp.

Last year in many parts of the country, including here, restrictions were in place. People were not gathering in restaurants, bars, movie theaters and nightclubs. People were taking precautions, wearing masks, limiting travel and limiting social gatherings.

That's no longer the case. There are few restrictions anywhere. People have been making death threats over mask mandates. We don't have a lot of understanding that covid is a contagious disease.

The vaccination rate here and in many parts of the country is still way too low. Oregon, as a whole, has a high immunization rate. That doesn't help us down here. We're still way below herd immunity.

So, simply put, the lower rates last year demonstrate that restrictions worked. If unvaccinated people or elderly frail people go about life as if covid isn't a contagious disease we'll continue to see new cases and deaths.

We've already seen a post-Halloween bump. I read yesterday that cases had increased after decreasing for weeks.

Covid is contagious. Not enough people are immunized. There are no or few restrictions. People just want to have fun and live their lives and to heck with masks.

That's why.


Covid in Oregon: Delta surge death toll exceeds winter fatalities.


We are all correct. You're talking about Oregon, Joe was talking nationally and I was thinking particularly about Douglas County and the state when I wrote my post.

FedUp and other folks have the right to wonder what's going on when they read that 80% of American adults have received at least one dose of vaccine. Why is our rate here still so high? Does this vaccine work or not? Those are reasonable questions.

Yes, the vaccine works. But our vaccination rate here is still too low. We're no where close to herd immunity in Douglas County. It doesn't help us one bit if 90% of the people in Connecticut, Rhode island or Portland are immunized. Not enough people in Douglas County have received the vaccine. People are also ignoring safety precautions like masks.

That's why we still have so many cases and deaths. Our particular Douglas County herd is still at risk. It's as simple as that.


Douglas County's 7-day Covid positive test rate is 10.7% today, compared to 5.8% for Oregon.


Was the Tiger Team a good use of resources or did the unit cost per shot and the cost of vans and staff make it an ineffective effort? Was it a waste to go to outlying communities when those people should have come into town for clinics? Who came up with that idea and what were they thinking?

I guess it depends on what you think the purpose of public health is and how much public money, time and effort should go in to efforts to eradicate deadly and disabling disease.


mworden: good points, all. When it comes to public policy, in the U.S., we value a life at about ten million dollars, and, *very* roughly, that van-vax program might have prevented one death, plus morbidity (mild to severe) in maybe another fifty people. So the money was likely well-spent, if we ignore the opportunity cost--if the same effort were more efficiently deployed. Maybe the van-vax reached people who could not have been reached more efficiently. I honestly have no certainty.


Point taken. I have no certainty either. But there have been times in a checkered career when it wasn't cost-efficient to pull out all the stops to find one patient with HiV or TB or one pregnant woman with untreated syphilis, but we did it anyway.

It was never just about that one patient. It was about stopping the spread. The Tiger Team was probably not cost-effective per patient, but if one of those patients had remained unvaccinated, contracted covid and spread it -- as happened a year ago at Halloween -- the outcome could have been very bleak.

I tend to look not at just the raw numbers but at the potential for exponential growth. When I think of it that way, I view the Tiger Team as a really good idea.


April 19, 2021 was the date Covid deaths became preventable. That is the date ALL adults became eligible to receive a Covid vaccine. SINCE April 19, Douglas County has the 3rd highest per capita Covid deaths of all counties in Oregon.


--------------------------------------Apr 19----Nov 1-----Delta-------Per
































Hood River------23,382----------29--------37----------8----------34









After administering 1,495 vaccines over its entire 7 months of operation, our Douglas County Commissioners today announced (below link) the successful end of its Tiger Team vaccination outreach program. This program was announced in March after two mobile medical vans (MMV) were purchased, equipped and staffed using taxpayer’s money to bring COVID-19 vaccines to remote rural areas of Douglas County.

Assuming each person needs 2 shots to be fully vaccinated, not including booster shots, this means less than 2 people per day were fully vaccinated by each mobile medical van and their staff of “experts.”




3.55 is more than "less than 2"; and the calculation above ignores the days that the Tiger Team did not function--which, as recall, did not include weekends and did not include some weekends.

I don't have their old calendar. The link you cite indicates 129 clinics, so 1495/129 indicates over 11 jabs/clinic, so 5-6 people fully vaxxed if they got mRNA or more if some were J&J. (Also, I think some clinics were testing only.)

That's still more expensive in terms of resources than it ought to have been.


1495 vaccinations/(7 months)(2 vaccinations per person)(2 vans)(30 days per month) = 1.8 fully vaccinated people per van.

1,495 vaccinations mean only 748 people were fully vaccinated if every person required 2 vaccinations and none of the vaccinations were booster shots. Understand?


Mike, I overlooked your "per mobile unit" in your initial assertion; with that in the calculation, my number and yours jibe. But it's not especially meaningful to use the number of days in a month in the denominator, without accounting for the days when the teams were not operating.

My truck is twenty years old and has 150,000 miles on it. When I've been driving over those twenty years, I've probably averaged 35 mph, highway, town, towing a travel trailer, etc, etc. But given there are 8760 hours in a year, I've averaged 150,000/(20*8760)= 0.86miles per hour.

I think asserting that I've averaged 35mph is more intuitively accurate than asserting I've averaged less that 1 mph. I'd make a parallel assertion with respect to the mobile units.

But, I think, we agree that the units' productivity was suboptimal.


Oregon’s vaccine mandate? Some employers granted exceptions to every worker who asked. Thousands of Oregon healthcare employees, K-12 educators and state workers who were told they must get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Oct. 18 or risk losing their jobs found an easy way out: They applied for religious or medical exceptions.

While some employers rigorously scrutinized these requests and accepted only a smaller number they determined to be sincere, many other employers in especially rural, vaccine-reluctant parts of the state gave the nod to every employee who asked for one.

That includes school districts in Roseburg, where 22% of staff applied for exceptions to the vaccine mandate and 100% of them were approved. Jared Cordon, superintendent of Roseburg Public Schools, said he has no issue with his district approving every exception request submitted because every employee who applied qualified. “We followed the letter of the law,” Cordon said. Cordon said he’s comfortable with more than one in five of his staff remaining unvaccinated because he has seen no evidence of outbreaks within the district’s classrooms. This is contradicted by Oregon Health Authority reports which show many Covid cases in just the last few weeks.

Though not all health care systems contacted by The Oregonian/OregonLive shared their numbers, hospitals did appear to be the most selective in approving exception requests, with a few Portland area hospitals reporting 95% to 97% of their staff fully inoculated.

Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, however, stood out on the other end of the spectrum. Despite repeated requests, hospital officials didn’t provide the newsroom with statistics, including the percentage of exception requests it approved. But a hospital representative did tell Douglas County radio station KQEN that 75% of the medical center’s staff are fully vaccinated and 25% have been granted exceptions or are in the process of getting ones.


Douglas County AGAIN making national news for all the wrong reasons.


The 50-year old wife of a long-time friend of mine died from Covid last week. Harold, his wife with their 13-year and 15-year old kids had only recently moved from Chicago to Arizona. Harold was vaccinated and was a mask wearer. His wife was adamantly anti-vax and anit-mask. It caused more than a little strife in their family. But not at the end. On her death bed, Harold’s wife made their two children promise to get vaccinated.

It was her choice to die. I get it. I just wonder whether her zealousness caused her to overlook the effect her death had on Harold and their two teen age kids who will now grow up without their mother, questioning why she opposed vaccinations until it was too late for her, questioning why she would abandon them when the solution was easily within her grasp.

I feel horrible for Harold and the kids.






Oregon Dem. Rep. Peter DeFazio was clearly referring to Douglas County when he said yesterday, “We've got a lot of whacked-out people in this country that are killing people, plain and simple…In three counties in the southern part of my district – deep red counties – vaccine rates of 40%, people have died waiting to get into the ICU."


Today’s County Commissioner press release (below link) claimed, “the traveling COVID-19 vaccine clinic administered over 300 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as over 200 flu vaccines. We wanted to extend our many thanks to the crew that spent 12 days in Douglas County.”

I received my Covid booster at this traveling clinic. While there, I was told by two different clinic workers that few people were getting vaccinated or their boosters. They said the majority of people wanted flu shots or Covid tests, which contradicts the County Commissioner’s press release claiming exactly the opposite.


According to the News-Review:

“At CHI Mercy Medical Center, there were just two coronavirus patients in the intensive care unit while the progressive care unit remained empty. Of all patients being cared for at Mercy, 10% were being treated for COVID-19 complications.”

What the News-Review did NOT report is 6 of the last 7 Douglas County deaths occurred at Mercy Medical center according to the Oregon Health Authority Daily Report (below link). The lone person who did not die at Mercy Medical Center was a 96 year old woman who died in her residence.

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