Cody Bonnell

Cody Isaac Bonnell

A Douglas County judge sentenced a 20-year-old Glide man to prison for a drunken-driving crash in September that seriously injured his passenger near Tenmile.

Cody Isaac Bonnell will spend 22 months in prison after pleading guilty to third-degree assault, driving under the influence of alcohol and six counts of recklessly endangering another person. Bonnell also faces a $1,000 fine for the DUII conviction.

The crash happened on Sept. 12 near Byron Creek Estates on Upper Olalla Road after Bonnell’s vehicle went off the roadway. His passenger, Hagen Chilcott, 19, of Roseburg, was thrown out of the vehicle and landed on a barn roof below the roadway and suffered a collapsed lung, fractures in his vertebrae and injuries to his spine causing paralysis in his limbs, according to court documents.

Defense attorney Carole Race told Douglas County Judge William Marshall that the court had the discretion to order probation and asked for an appropriate treatment program. Race said Bonnell has been accepted into the drug court program, had no criminal history and is very young.

“I believe this is a defendant that should get probation, not prison,” Race told the judge.

Marshall said he was not convinced that Bonnell had the family support needed to benefit from the optional probation. He said part of looking at Bonnell’s risk assessment is looking at the people around him and determining if they’re going to be supportive of his efforts to reconstruct his life and rehabilitate himself.

“What I’ve heard today is that (Bonnell’s) family members are not supportive of him by holding him accountable but by pointing a finger at the victim,” Marshall said. “And that is not helpful to him in terms of his need to rehabilitate himself and to deal with his problems.”

Witnesses told investigators that Bonnell’s vehicle was traveling 60 to 80 miles per hour when it swerved toward four juvenile females walking on the road. The girls jumped out of the roadway and another vehicle was forced off the road by Bonnell. Another driver told officers that his vehicle was passed by Bonnell’s car at a high rate of speed on a blind corner just before the crash.

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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How can the punishment of someone's crime depend on the behavior and wellbeing of their family? So people that are unfortunately born to disfunctional families are sentenced to their crimes differently than people who are born to healthy functional families ?! What country am I in again? And since when did prison rehabilitate anyone? In no way should this crime go unpunished.. but to think that the punishment is tangible based on the behavior of their family is nuts. If that's the case then why not send the whole family to prison to be "rehabilitated" . Lol. This is crazy.


Once he grows his hair out a little, adds a little makeup and dresses up for his "daddy" he'll have a great time in prison.


Marshall’s decision to send this young adult to prison rather than probation-based drug court should send a strong message to him and his “family”.

This is a young man who should have been held accountable for his actions long before this wreck cost another person their mobility. As a young teen Cody was a nice boy who needed structure and guidance and didn’t get it. Now he’ll get it- in prison.

There is a lot of hope for this young man and the time and distance away from dysfunction could he helpful if he uses that time well.

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