Crash near Cottage Grove

Six cars crashed on Interstate 5 near Cottage Grove in January of 2018.

Two years after a man drove through an interstate barrier near the northern Douglas County line, a woman injured in the crash is suing for nearly $15,000, according to court documents.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Douglas County Circuit Court, centers around a multi-vehicle pileup that shut down Interstate 5 near milepost 168, 6 miles south of Cottage Grove, for two hours on Jan. 17, 2018.

Just before 8 p.m., Amarveer Dhaliwal, 45, of Everett, Washington, lost control of the vehicle he was driving southbound and clipped an outer guardrail along the freeway, said Lt. Cari Boyd of the Oregon State Police.

The vehicle fishtailed, Dhaliwal overcorrected, and the vehicle veered across both southbound lanes and smashed into the center concrete barrier pushing six sections out of place and into the northbound lanes, according to police.

A Myrtle Creek man who was driving northbound jumped out of his vehicle to warn oncoming traffic but was struck by an oncoming Dodge pickup truck and sent to a local hospital for serious injuries. Four others — including Michelle Nickell, 57, of Cottage Grove, the woman suing Dhaliwal and his company, Dhaliwal Trucking, for negligence — were sent to the hospital for injuries ranging from minor to serious, according to police.

Nickell’s lawsuit, which was filed by Farmers Insurance Company of Oregon in an attempt to recoup damages, asks for $14,925 to pay for medical damages caused by the crash.

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this doesn't belong in the newspaper and is poorly written, in fact it starts off saying the woman filed, then later says the insurance company filed. 15k is peanuts anyway. Am disappointed the news review can't come up with something relevant for a local story. This isn't a story,it reads like something out of a local collection sheet.

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