Crash near Cottage Grove

Six cars crashed on Interstate 5 near Cottage Grove in January of 2018.

One day after a Cottage Grove woman filed a lawsuit against a man who smashed into an Interstate 5 median and sent concrete blocks flying into oncoming traffic in 2018, a Myrtle Creek man injured in the wreck did the same.

David Solheim, who was 55 at the time of the crash is suing three parties for nearly $785,000.

The first two defendants in the lawsuit are Amarveer Dhaliwal, and Dhaliwal Trucking.

In January 2018, Dhaliwal lost control of his vehicle while driving southbound on Interstate 5 six miles south of Cottage Grove near the Douglas County line, according to police. The vehicle fishtailed, Dhaliwal overcorrected, and the vehicle veered across the southbound lanes and crashed into the center concrete barrier, causing six sections to move into the northbound lanes, according to Lt. Cari Boyd of the Oregon State Police.

Solheim was driving northbound and saw the crash, according to the lawsuit. He parked, grabbed his yellow jacket and a flashlight and started flagging down oncoming traffic to warn them of the potential hazard, according to the lawsuit.

But Kayla Renda, the third defendant listed in the lawsuit, failed to see Solheim and collided with the man in her 1998 Dodge Ram pickup.

In total, five people were taken to the hospital as a result of the crash, according to police, and the highway was closed for about two hours until crews cleared the road.

Solheim, in his lawsuit filed in Douglas County Circuit Court, is seeking $18,000 in lost wages, about $115,000 for medical expenses, $150,000 for diminished earning capacity, and $500,000 for pain and suffering.

Michelle Nickell, the Cottage Grove woman who also filed a lawsuit and was injured in the crash, is suing Dhaliwai and the trucking company for nearly $15,000.

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