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A Reedsport man was arrested last week after allegedly kidnapping, raping and sodomizing a woman he knew, according to the Reedsport Police Department.

Police responded to a home in Reedsport after a woman completely drenched from the rain, wearing nothing but a white T-shirt and black boxers, began knocking on a man’s door.

Officers interviewed the woman, who said she had been at the Sky Bar in Coos Bay when 35-year-old Joseph Levi Gustina, a man she knew, walked into the bar, according to court documents.

Around 2 a.m. on Feb. 22, the woman left the bar and headed home to meet her boyfriend. The two hung out for about an hour until the woman’s boyfriend took off. Shortly afterward, Gustina began texting the woman and sending her messages on Facebook Messenger, according to court documents.

Gustina unexpectedly arrived at the woman’s house soon after and kept asking her to come outside and talk, according to court documents. She eventually agreed, walking out into the rain the Gustina’s white Acura MDX and talking to him through the driver’s side window.

The rain was coming down so hard Gustina eventually convinced the woman to come around and get into the passenger seat. The two talked for a little longer while Gustina allegedly attempted to convince the woman to stay with him at his Reedsport home.

When she declined his offer, Gustina locked the doors to the vehicle and sped backward, according to court documents. He allegedly told the woman he wasn’t going to let her go and sped 25 miles north to his house in Reedsport, according to police.

Once they arrived, Gustina covered the woman’s mouth and took her inside. Gustina told the woman he had to use the bathroom, but knew if he let her go she may yell, so he took her into the bathroom and had her kneel into the bathtub while he urinated into the tub, according to court documents.

After several hours of being with Gustina, the woman was eventually able to escape. She ran out of the house, sprinting through a park before hiding behind a building before continuing down the road to ask for help, according to court documents.

Officers later contacted Gustina and arrested him on suspicion of first-degree kidnapping, first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy.

All three charges are Measure 11 crimes that hold mandatory minimum prison sentences. First-degree kidnapping carries a minimum prison sentence of 90 months, while first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy carry sentences of 100 months upon conviction.

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