A Roseburg man has been sentenced to more than six years in prison after agreeing to a plea deal in the shooting death of his friend. The incident occurred more than two years ago and was livestreamed on the internet.

John Walker Adams, 25, was sentenced by Douglas County Circuit Court Judge Bill Marshall in a packed courtroom Monday to serve 75 months in the Oregon State Prison with 36 months post-prison supervision, a $200 fine and restitution for the funeral expenses of the victim.

Walker agreed to plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter in the death of Josman Cereceres, of Portland, who was 23 at the time of his death on Nov. 17, 2017.

Prosecutor Steve Hoddle said the district attorney’s office worked with the Cereceres family to get a plea bargain agreement in place.

“Prior to making this offer, they reached out to us that they would like an offer,” Hoddle said. “We just worked with the victims to make sure justice is served.”

When police responded and questioned him, Adams originally told investigators that Cereceres had shot himself.

Defense attorney David Terry said the case was closed and declared accidental, but Adams came forward and told police that he was the one that shot Cereceres.

“The Sheriff’s office informed him that the case was closed and the family (of Cereceres) was notified in Texas that he was the victim of an accidental self-inflicted gunshot,” Terry said.

Hoddle said investigators were able to recover a copy of the live broadcast that showed Adams loading a magazine into the pistol, pulling back the gun’s slide to load a live round into the firing chamber and placing the gun to the side of Cereceres’ head before pulling the trigger. The two had been drinking and joking around with the gun on the video.

In an interview with police, Adams said he and Cereceres had been drinking and livestreaming themselves on LiveMe when the shooting occurred. Adams said he picked up the pistol and the gun accidentally went off and the bullet struck Cereceres in the head, according to court documents.

“He expressed as profound a sense of remorse and acceptance of responsibility and regret that I’ve ever witnessed,” Terry said. “The two were very dear, close friends.”

Adams had no criminal history, Hoddle told the judge, and he came forward after the case had basically been closed. But Marshall said he didn’t have much leeway in sentencing a Measure 11 crime.

“What we have here is an incident where the mixture of a firearm and alcohol just doesn’t work,” Marshall said. “And I have little discretion here based upon Oregon statutes.”

Nearly 100 people — family, friends and people from Adams’ church — showed up at the sentencing and filled the courtroom, with several more waiting outside. Kecia Adams, the defendant’s mother, was the only member of the audience to speak.

“We’d just like the parents (of Cereceres) to know that we have been grieving for the loss so much and we hope that at one point we are able to seek forgiveness,” she said. “We’d like them to know how deeply sorry we are for their loss in this tragic accident.”

John Walker Adams spoke briefly and thanked the large contingent who came to support him.

“It’s overwhelming and thank you all so much, I was only able to survive the past two years of hell because of you,” he said. “I’ll be back soon, and I’ll see you all again.”

Reporter Dan Bain can be reached at 541-957-4221 or e-mail at dbain@nrtoday.com.

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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Where to even begin!!!!! First of all to the people posting on this you DO NOT KNOW any of the facts! So please stop acting and commenting like you know what the best solution was for this case! The death penalty!?!? Really!?! It was a tragic accident that resulted in the loss of one man. What hate you have in your hearts if you feel the "right" thing to do is to have a second death to "make this justified " and shame on you if that's the way of your thinking! You will meet with your maker someday.... secondly it was not livestreamed to show a murder! How cold and heartless of you to make a comment like that! They were kids, drinking.... have you ever been inebriated? Pretty sure anyone that intoxicated has been known to make very poor decisions! Like maybe live streaming? Or getting behind the wheel under the influence? I'm not in any way justifying Walker, all I'm saying is he came forward (when he didnt have too), he told them about the live me( which he didnt have to and the legal system new nothing about it prior to Walker telling them), have some forgiveness and maybe take into account that you might not know ALL the details so judging like you know it all might be best to not do? Walker is a son and brother to a family and your comments are very hateful. Walker and his family have tried many attempts at letting Josemans family know how deep there condolences are. What more can they do? I know they all would do anything to have Joseman back! Oh and Hannah I have known Walker since he was about 10 years old and your comment was flat out uncalled for! I have known others who were involved in accidental shootings. I know its heartbreaking but making comments saying Walkers punishment wasnt strong enough needs to stop. Walker will live with the death of his friend in his conscience for the rest of his life. Any punishment you all think he deserves is nothing compared to the one he will put upon himself for the rest of his days. It will haunt him unfortunately... my heart breaks for both families because they both lost sons just in different ways .... have some compassion for all involved and maybe look in your own closet of skeletons before you think you have the right to judge someone else for there indiscretions.....


I’m sorry I have no compassion for the person who took my friend. You’re saying “he didn’t have to tell the truth” and making him a hero because he did? He deserves no credit for admitting the horrible thing he did. Lol. This isn’t okay. The sentence isn’t okay. The day we found out the sentence felt like November 18th 2017 all over again. This isn’t drinking and driving, this is taking someone’s life, execution style. I knew them both and the charade Walker has put up as if they were best friends is LAUGHABLE. The people who actually know Josman literally laugh at this because it is so untrue....


I’m sorry to his family for what his choices have done to them, but I will never forgive anyone who has contributed to his completely undeserved freedom. People do more time for less. Don’t tell me to just put up with this solution. Don’t tell me not to judge him. We have every right. What do you think you’re accomplishing, defending a free man who’s walking away with no consequences. You got what you wanted. Let me stand up for my best friend, while I still can. We all feel completely failed by the justice system, we are still healing from this loss, and your comment is insulting. The least you could do is spell the victims name correctly. JOSMAN. And you’re right, he will actively suffer the consequences FOREVER. Everyone he meets will know what he did for the rest of his life. Dying is easy, living with the knowledge that you killed someone is a living h*ll And I can sleep at night knowing that. Oh and I did check on those skeletons in my closet, none of them are shooting someone in the head after a couple drinks.


Walker is a sociopath with no sense of remorse, he tried to cover everything up in the beginning! We thought it was a suicide for a month because of him! Saying this sentence is too light is an understatement. I have known Josman for over 10 years, and Walker for 5. I can assure you they WERE NOT AS CLOSE AS WALKER PORTRAYS. Who loads a gun and puts it to someone’s head, let alone your “best friend‘s” ? They probably got together a total of 5 times in their friendship. This sentence is a slap in the face to not only Josman but to his family and everyone who loved him. What peace and comfort it would have brought us to see Walker get what he deserved. So much justice is yet to be had for Josman. Truly a disgrace for Walker to have little to NO repercussions and live a normal life when he took the life of someone so loved and innocent. How can you expect anyone to forgive you when you can’t even do the proper amount of time? Disgraceful. #JUSTICEFORJOSMAN


No disrespect to you but you don’t know what happened, you didn’t see it happen


LIve streamed. Social media is killing a lot of people, directly or indirectly. This sentence is too light. This was intentional murder. Sentence should have been death but Oregon doesn't execute death row inmates...it coddles them.


The way I see it, livestreaming his death was no different than public execution. But his family and the members of the church act as if hes a national hero because he "told the truth!" If it were the other way around would his family and church still be acting like that? I doubt it.


You know nothing....


I want to thank the reporting of this respectful article. There are only a couple of points that I would like to clear up. First of all, I want all to know that Walker made known of the truth of the incident and wanted to publicly turn himself in BEFORE this case was known to be closed. Secondly, the video footage was made known to the prosecutor by Walker himself who told them of it and finally, my quote was to say that it is our hearts desire that the Cereceres family would find forgiveness in their hearts and resolution in that if not for Walker personally, for the accident so that their hearts may heal. Walker has sought forgiveness and is resolute in that. This has been nothing more than a tragic accident and I do hope and pray that the lesson learned here by all is that intoxication of any kind does not deem great end results. Thank you ALL for your love and support of our family and of the Cereceres family. We loved and will always love Josman. Our hearts are broken!


Comment by: Kecia Adams (Walker's mom)

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