Roseburg Public Schools will enter into arbitration with ex-employee Elaine Logan regarding a breach of contract lawsuit initiated by the school district in November 2019.

Logan was a special education teacher at Fir Grove Elementary School who was going to school to get a teaching license with a special education endorsement. The school district agreed to pay the cost of tuition and related expenses.

Logan agreed to reimburse the school district if she voluntarily resigned before June 30, 2022.

Roseburg Public Schools claims it paid $9,340 toward educational expenses in the lawsuit. Logan’s response to the lawsuit alleges the district paid $6,000 and then served her a letter stating they would no longer pay for the tuition and expenses.

Logan alleges that the school district breached the contract first by refusing to pay the tuition. The school district hired a licensed special education teacher and assigned Logan to become a general education classroom teacher, according to court documents filed by Logan.

“Because you will not be continuing in your position as Special Education Teacher in the 2019-2020 school year because you are returning to a general education classroom, the District will discontinue payment of tuition for Special Education after the Spring 2019 term,” a letter sent by Robert Freeman, Roseburg Public Schools’ director of human resources, dated April 15, 2019, read.

Logan said this shows a breach in contract from the school district because she had intended to continue her education and stay on as the special education teacher.

“I wrote the district that because of their breach of contract, I would seek employment elsewhere,” Logan wrote in a letter to the court. That correspondence was not included in Logan’s documentation to the court.

Logan left the school district in August, according to minutes from a school board meeting.

“The (school district) paid for two terms of student tuition then refused to pay any other,” court documents filed by Logan read. She also included proof of payments she made and correspondence with the Eastern Oregon University regarding payments.

The school district’s filing asked for Logan to pay $9,340 plus court costs and interest. Logan asked for Roseburg Public Schools to reimburse her for any costs associated with the lawsuit.

Steve Baldwin, a Eugene attorney, was appointed by the court do be the arbitrator.

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