The woman who allegedly stole a backpack and a gun from inside Roseburg High School in April told the Douglas County Circut Court she underwent psychological torture, gang stalking and police harassment leading to the moment where she took the items from a closet at the school.

Hope Shaw was charged with second-degree burglary, being a felon in possession of a firearm, tampering with physical evidence and two counts of first-degree theft. The stolen property, which included a magazine, ammunition, holster, magazine holder and a Sig Sauer 229 .40 caliber handgun, belonging to Curtis Guyer, a custodian at the school at the time.

In her letter, Shaw, who claims her name is now Arika Phillips, wrote that the owner of the gun was not charged with a crime because he is the child of a person employed by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. But neither of Guyer’s parents are employed by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, according to a spokesman.

“Equal prosecutorial protection says myself and the owner of the gun are charged or no one,” Shaw wrote. “He was commiting a Federal + State felony by having a gun on school grounds.”

A press release on May 1 by the Roseburg Police Department said no crimes were committed by Guyer.

Guyer, who had been employed by the Roseburg Public Schools since 2015, was no longer employed with the district two weeks after the incident. The school district has a policy that prohibits firearms on campus.

Shaw, a convicted felon, was seen throwing an object into the river from the Washington Street bridge when confronted by Roseburg police. The following day the firearm was found by the Douglas County Search and Rescue Team.

After Shaw was arrested by the Roseburg Police Department, she told officers she panicked when she saw there was a gun inside the backpack and messaged Gene Dir, her ex-husband, to pick up the backpack. Dir refused to take the backpack.

However, in the documents she submitted to the court, Shaw said she knew exactly what was inside the backpack and took it to prevent a school shooting.

“Charging a mother of a student who is enrolled at a high school for removing a gun found on the premises goes against everything as a nation we are trying to accomplish,” Shaw wrote in an October motion to dismiss the charges against her.

The motion was dismissed because Shaw’s attorney, Nicholas Quinn, did not authorize the motion and because it argues facts in the case “which is why trial is set in the matter,” according to Douglas County Circuit Court Judge Ann Marie Simmons.

Trial in this case is set for April 8, 2020, with trial readiness hearings scheduled for Jan. 17 and March 9.

Shaw attached screenshots of messages she exchanged with a “Curt Geyer,” who she claims is the owner of the gun, to her letter. The profile photo matches that on the social media account of Guyer, but the name is misspelled.

In one of the messages Shaw received, the sender wrote, “i hope you know when i said i was going to shootup the school i was only kidding.”

The sender also expresses regret about how the situation developed and indicated the two had previously had an intimate relationship.

Shaw responded to the message by claiming to have saved the lives of children and blocking the sender.

Charges against Shaw, in this case and another, were nearly dropped in mid-July when the Douglas County District Attorney’s office filed paperwork that Shaw had died.

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Sorry Hope, but I hope you don't expect us all to believe your perceived truth. One does not STEAL to prevent; one calls law enforcement...FIRST. ;-)

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