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A Douglas County woman filed a lawsuit earlier this month alleging medical malpractice against CHI Mercy Medical Center.

A Douglas County woman filed a lawsuit earlier this month alleging medical malpractice against CHI Mercy Medical Center.

Renee Bates filed the suit in Douglas County Circuit Court on Feb. 4 asking for $910,000, claiming that the hospital failed to attend and supervise her when she was suffering from orthostatic hypotension and was at risk of falling.

According to the complaint, Bates fell off a bedside commode in February of 2017 and struck her head on the floor of her hospital room, where she was being treated for the hypotension, according to court documents. Bates said she struck her head and face with such force that it fractured her cervical spine, which resulted in three surgeries to repair cervical instability and to repair an injured cervical disc.

The lawsuit said Bates’ injuries caused severe pain, suffering, inconvenience, loss of normal lifestyle, mental suffering and permanent restriction of cervical range of motion.

The suit asks for $750,000 for non-economic damages and $150,000 for surgical expenses to treat the facial and cervical injuries suffered in the fall in the hospital room. Bates also asked for $10,000 for loss of wages.

Attorney Robert Miller of Eugene, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of Bates, is requesting a jury trial. He was not available for comment Friday.

Hospital representatives said they were aware of the lawsuit, but could not comment on pending litigation.

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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Why this hospital gets awards and citations for being a wonderful place amazes me. Almost without exception I hear horror stories like this about patient care. I was advised upon moving here to go to Eugene for anything other than an absolute emergency. Why are they still licensed and accredited? Who's running interference for them?


Thank you so much for such a well stated comment!


Have you ever been a patient at Mercy? I hear nothing but positive reviews from actual patients who have been to the hospital with very few exceptions. I do hear a lot of people who say "everyone says stay away" or "I hear horror stories". I don't know why people in the community love to complain about other people they know who apparently have had bad experiences and yet most of the actual first hand experiences are positive. A sad reflection on the community, really, that there isn't more pride in the hospital.


Tucker5 & I disagree. So what's your point? We don't speak for the community. The person who told me to stay away from Mercy is a local RN. No I have NOT been a patient there, nor do I intend to be. Have you?

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