Oregon State Police SWAT officers take Russell John Scott of Sutherlin into custody after a four-hour standoff in Green on Thursday.

Thursday’s arrest brought into custody the man described by one bystander as one of “Sutherlin’s Most Wanted.”

“He’s on Sutherlin’s Most Wanted. I knew it was Russell Scott because they had a run-in with him back in September,” Brevin Ball said.

Police did not immediately confirm whether they had arrested Russell John Scott, 60, of Sutherlin, who was posted on the city’s list of wanted perps, and was involved in a 90-minute standoff with police in September. But Scott was arrested near the standoff scene Thursday, jail records show.

Ball, 21, of Myrtle Creek, stood in the cold drizzle behind the cordoned off area while he caught video of the state Special Weapons and Tactical Team moving into position just after noon Thursday.

Ball was pulling out of a nearby convenience store hours before when he saw police cars arrive.

“I saw them swarm in behind him,” Ball said.

Ball said he watched from his vehicle as police pointed an array of assault rifles, shotguns and pistols at the green SUV the suspect was driving.

“They had their guns drawn and weren’t moving an inch,” Ball said.

Ball drove away from the scene after police gave him the OK but he stuck around to see the outcome, watching as more than 20 SWAT vehicles, police and fire trucks filled up the parking lot.

Natalie Cordell, 20, of Roseburg, was working in a nearby coffee kiosk and saw police pulling over the suspect’s SUV but they did not approach it which seemed strange. Then two more police arrived, drawing rifles.

“That was super scary,” Cordell said.

She and coworkers were told to take cover in a restroom.

At a nearby auto sales business, Bernie Ledbetter, of Winston, heard police talk to the suspect, trying to coax him out of the vehicle. A woman spoke to him about his daughter, and how it wasn’t worth it. Everybody loved him, the woman said. Jesus loved him.

Ledbetter said police told him, “We don’t want to hurt you.”

Finally, the SWAT team fired projectiles filled with pepper spray into the vehicle where Russell was holed up.

Ball heard a bang that sounded like a gun shot and a minute or two later, he saw the suspect walk backwards toward the SWAT team. Russell’s hands were in the air. Moments later, “Sutherlin’s Most Wanted” was in police custody.

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John Dickey is a city government and business reporter for The News-Review.

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