Rodger Royle


New details have been released about the hours-long armed standoff that kept several law enforcement agencies busy Monday afternoon in Tiller.

Police contacted Rodger Vince Royle, 39, at a residence in Tiller for multiple felony warrants, including a case where Royle allegedly assaulted another person with a hammer, according to a police affidavit. The deputy from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office parked near a woodshop on the property and hear loud music and a power tool being operated from inside the structure. The deputy spotted Royle working on something through a gap in the wall and called to him.

Royle looked at the deputy and reached for his waistband before he stood up and walked to the corner of the shop, according to police. The deputy drew his Taser and told Royle to hold up his hands. Instead, Royle reached suddenly to the side and grabbed a firearm, according to police. The deputy initially believed the firearm was a scoped rifle, but later discovered the gun was a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun that had been shortened.

The deputy sprinted away, running about 200 feet away to a wooden shed and ducked behind a truck. During that time, Royle managed to crawl up into a narrow loft area. Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the scene and began to negotiate with Royle, eventually sending a police robot into the shop to observe the area.

Shortly before 3 p.m., police threw a flashbang and a canister of tear gas into the shop in an attempt to flush Royle out. When Royle didn’t respond, police threw a second round of gas into the shop, which sent Royle running out of the building, according to court documents.

Police shouted at Royle to stop, but when he didn’t, a police K-9 was sent after the man.

Police caught up to Royle and placed him in handcuffs. During a search, police found Royle was wearing a pouch that contained about nine 12-gauge shotgun shells and that the shotgun was loaded with four additional rounds.

Royle was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct, third-degree escape, resisting arrest, menacing, being a felon in possession of a firearm and multiple arrest warrants. He was lodged at the Douglas County Jail.

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