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A Hillsboro man claimed he led police on a high-speed chase through Douglas County because he was afraid the officer was going to abduct or shoot him, according to court documents.

At approximately 5:45 p.m. Friday, a deputy from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office was sent to the 200 block of Majestic Lane, Oakland, for a report of a suspicious male who was last seen at the Adult Shop on John Long Road near Rice Hill, according to police.

The deputy responded to the area and located the man inside of a white Subaru Outback. However, when the deputy approached the Subaru, the driver, later identified as 39-year-old Nicholas Jason Phillips, sped off, according to police.

Phillips drove northbound on Interstate 5 from milepost 148, near Rice Hill, driving as slow as 50 mph when he was stuck behind traffic and as fast as 120 mph, according to court documents.

At least three times during the pursuit, Phillips passed vehicles on the right, driving off the paved portion of the of road and onto the gravel shoulder, according to police.

When the chase neared Cox Road at milepost 158, the deputy sped up to overtake Phillips, but when he did, Phillips held up a small, black object out the driver’s window, which cause the deputy to back off, according to court documents.

A few more miles up the road, Phillips crossed traffic in an attempt to exit the freeway and instead swerved into the gravel shoulder. Once the vehicle came to rest, Phillips exited the vehicle and put his hands into the air, according to police.

After he was taken into custody, Phillips said he was under a lot of stress and had been living out of his vehicle after getting into an argument with his wife. Phillips told police he originally sped away from the deputy because he had been abducted and assaulted recently and was afraid the deputy might do something similar, according to court documents.

Phillips also said that the object he had held out the window during the chase was a cell phone because he had been talking with his wife during the chase and wanted to prove to her that he was involved in a pursuit, according to court documents.

Phillips was arrested on suspicion of driving while suspended or revoked, second-degree criminal trespass, reckless driving, attempting to elude police by vehicle, three counts of recklessly endangering another person, and methamphetamine possession.

Friday’s incident wasn’t the first time Phillips has run from police. He pled not guilty in two December cases in Washington and Columbia counties for attempting to elude police and was found guilty for eluding police in Deschutes County in 2002 and 2003. Phillips was also found guilty for resisting arrest in Deschutes County in 2001.

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