A Grants Pass man was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly assaulted a man who he thought had raped his girlfriend, according to police.

At approximately 11 p.m. on Saturday, police responded to a home on Southeast Overlook Avenue for a report of an assault.

When officers walked up to the house, they were greeted by a man whose face was covered in blood and who was actively bleeding, according to the police affidavit. The man was agitated and began yelling at the officer.

Eventually, the man told police he had been in his son’s bedroom when he heard a knock on the door. When he answered the door, a male subject was standing in the doorway.

The male said “you raped my girlfriend” and started hitting the homeowner with his fists, a chair and a small metal end table.

Looking around the room, police saw a broken chair, a broken table and blood splatter throughout the house including the floor, couch and wall.

Police eventually learned the identity of the man, identified as 22-year-old Christopher Leslie Simons, and located him in the Taco Bell parking lot.

Simons told police he believed the man he had allegedly assaulted had raped a women he knew and was so mad about it he knew he “was not going to be able to contain himself,” according to court documents.

Simons said he arrived at the house, knocked on the door, pushed the man inside and started “beating him.”

During the fight, Simons said the man grabbed his testicles, which prompted Simons to grab a table and beat the man with it about three times.

According to the officer who responded to the scene, the table about 3 feet tall and was “readily capable of causing serious physical injury, especially when being used to strike someone in the head.”

The man refused to be transported to the hospital by an ambulance, instead opting to take a taxi to CHI Mercy Medical Center. His condition is unknown.

Simons was arrested on suspicion of first-degree burglary, fourth-degree assault, second-degree criminal mischief, and two counts of harassment.

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He didn't "PROTECT" anyone! He just went off on a guy he THOUGHT raped his girlfriend. So far I haven't heard any proof he raped anybody. This guy is a hot head who took the law into his own hands. Now his girlfriend is still a victim, and he's in jail. Where's the advantage here? Prisons are full of young men who couldn't control their tempers.


Why write a story about the man who protected the girlfriend? Why not write a story about the assault and rape of the women in question? Or better yet why not write a story about the pervert that caused this to happen in the first place?

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