The Roseburg man arrested for allegedly vandalizing the Douglas County Republican Party Headquarters admitted to at least two prior acts of vandalism after his arrest Wednesday, according to court documents.

Sean Michael O’Grady, 38, admitted not only to vandalizing the Republican headquarters building at 506 Southeast Jackson Street on Nov. 6., but he also said he broke the windows at the building during a previous attack on Oct. 6, according to court documents.

Surveillance photos of the suspect in the Nov. 6 attack showed a bearded man wearing a dark jacket with jeans rolled up at the ankle, holding an extendable pole with a can of spray paint attached. At the bottom of the pole was a trigger to disperse the paint, commonly used among commercial painters to access hard-to-reach areas.

The investigating officer believed the suspect to be O’Grady and took the short drive to the man’s home on Southeast Washington Avenue, a 5-minute walk from the Republican headquarters. While observing the property, the officer reported seeing the same extension pole leaning against the garage at O’Grady’s residence.

The officer contacted O’Grady, who eventually admitted to the vandalism. O’Grady later said he broke out the window of the headquarters with the use of a slingshot, but denied any involvement in prior vandalism of the building.

Further investigation showed that O’Grady was allegedly involved in at least two prior attacks on the building. After being detained, O’Grady admitted to earlier vandalism on both Nov. 6 at the headquarters building and Oct. 6, which also included the parking garage in downtown Roseburg.

O’Grady said he had vandalized the building a number of times, which has been targeted eight times since the beginning of 2020, but said he started breaking windows “after reading about the first incident in the paper.” That “gave him the courage to damage the buildings as well,” according to court documents.

According to the Oregon Secretary of State, O’Grady is a registered Republican. He remains lodged at the Douglas County Jail where the initial bail was set at $10,000. O’Grady was scheduled to be arraigned Thursday.

Donovan Brink can be reached at and 541-957-4219.

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Cops and Courts Reporter

Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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(12) comments


Hopefully the spokesperson for the Repub Party here is writing her apology to the Dems about now.


BetsyC: yeah. I'm holding my breath.


I doubt if he is a real registered Republican...I haven't seen others doing this type of vandalism...


Sure, Rise. The Secretary of State must be wrong.

Or are you committing the "No True Scotsman" fallacy?


What about the vandalism Donald Trump is committing to our country and constitution by trying to overturn a legal election where he lost both the popular vote and the electoral college? He's been laughed out of court repeatedly so now he's trying to convince state officials to de-certify legally cast votes by Black voters in urban areas, which are largely Democratic. Is that vandalism enough for you?


[thumbup] For fairness and kindness, even under provocation. I don't always succeed, but it remains a long-term goal.


"I haven't seen others doing this type of vandalism..." A quick search on google sure says otherwise lol.

Judging from previous posts, its clear this woman is a covid 19 denier and seriously thinks Trump and all Republicans are godly saints that can do no wrong. You can just can't reason or logic with someone like this.


sectorstar: understood. It is a mistake to feed the trolls. On the other hand, I continue to hope that not everyone who appears to be a troll actually is a troll. Yet another triumph of hope over experience.


I'm going to defend Rise. I personally don't view Rise as a troll in any way at all. She doesn't attack other posters or call them names or try to disrupt, disgrace, assassinate character or any of the other things trolls do. She's voicing her real, honest, true beliefs. And we voice our real, honest, true beliefs back.

I disagree with almost every word Rise posts, but in my book she's not a trouble-maker. She actually gives us a window into the thinking and values of the majority of voters in Douglas County, and she does it without being mean.


mworden: you are being very fair--even on the very kind end of fair. Point well-taken.


Of course it can't possibly have happened since YOU didn't see it.


Republican. Not too bright. Destructive.

And not alone in this sector of the Venn diagram.

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