An Oakland man was arrested Sunday after allegedly cutting another man’s neck with a box cutter.

Roseburg Police Department officers initially responded to a report of a disturbance in the 400 block of West Fair Street around midnight.

Derek Lee Sulffridge, 35, had allegedly broken into 32-year-old Jolene Schumacher’s apartment.

Schumacher told police she had been getting texts from Sulffridge, her ex-boyfriend, asking who she was sleeping with. She told police he sent photos from inside her apartment with her drawers open.

When Schumacher got to her apartment, Sulffridge confronted her in the parking lot. She told police Sulffridge was holding a box cutter to his wrist, saying they needed to talk or they would “die together.”

He grabbed her and walked her toward her apartment, according to court documents.

While the pair were at the door, 37-year-old Joshua McCreary pulled into the parking lot with Richard Aust. When police later interviewed Aust at the hospital, he said McCreary went to the apartment complex because Schumacher called for help.

McCreary told Schumacher to get inside the car. Suffridge ran at McCreary, slashing a 6-inch cut across his neck, according to court documents.

Aust told police he was trying to get in between the pair when he heard McCreary declare, “I’m bleeding out!”

Aust got McCreary in the car, trying to hold pressure on his neck while racing toward CHI Mercy Medical Center, according to court documents.

Sulffridge left in his car and was later pulled over by a Sutherlin police officer, who held Sulffridge at gunpoint until backup arrived.

While Sulffridge was on the ground, he suddenly got up and went to the driver’s side of his car. The officer told him to come back, but he didn’t comply. According to court documents, Sulffridge returned and laid down again, telling the officer that he was shutting the door so rain wouldn’t get into the car.

A box cutter was later found near the car, according to court documents.

When police later interviewed Sulffridge, he said he had been home all night.

Sulffridge was taken to the Douglas County Jail and charged with fourth-degree assault, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon, coercion, second-degree theft and two counts of menacing.

Saphara Harrell can be reached at 541-957-4216 or Or on Twitter @daisysaphara.

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This isn't the first time Derek has taken a box cutter knife to someone

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