Oregon State Police reported a UPS truck believed to be involved in shootings that occurred on Interstate 5 over the past three months led to the arrest of 49-year-old Kenneth Ayers of Roseburg on Thursday evening.

“Oregon State Troopers have been diligently investigating these shootings since May 12 and recently believed that a UPS truck could be involved,” a statement from OSP read.

The semi-truck and trailer were found about an hour’s drive north of Wednesday’s shooting where a woman was shot driving on the freeway near milepost 37, just south of Gold Hill.

Ayers, who is employed as a UPS driver, is alleged to have been involved in similar highway shootings on May 12, June 2, June 15, June 22, July 7, July 9 and Aug. 19 in Josephine, Jackson and Douglas counties.

OSP seized the truck, and UPS arranged for another truck to pick up the trailers. A firearm, consistent with the one used the shootings, was found in a search of the truck.

UPS issued a statement Friday afternoon, saying the company will do whatever it can to aid law enforcement.

“We are appalled to hear about these allegations and are fully cooperating with the responding authorities,” the statement read. “Firearms are prohibited at UPS facilities and in our vehicles. We are extremely concerned for the motorists and other individuals who have been affected.”

Ayers was arrested and lodged in the Jackson County Jail where he was charged with second degree attempted murder, second degree assault, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon, two counts of recklessly endangering another person, and two counts of second degree criminal mischief for crimes committed Wednesday and July 9 in Jackson County.

All three district attorney’s offices are working together but are not filing charges simultaneously, according to OSP.

Police are still looking for more information. Ayers’ route was north of Roseburg prior to May and also took him on Highway 140 and Highway 62.

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(2) comments

NR blogger

For a town with 'no gangs' Roseburg sure seems to have a lot of gangsters. I'm noticing that over and over.

Google: Roseburg crime. Roseburg is in the range of highest per capita anywhere in the US according to one source.

NR blogger

Ok, this is the more detailed version consist with what I heard on kval TV news.

I am curious however to know hiring requirements of ups. Does ups hire people with a criminal history? Did this fellow have a criminal history? Did this fellow also deliver to home addresses?

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