A Newport man was arrested earlier this month for allegedly trapping a Sutherlin woman in her bathroom and sexually assaulting her.

Christopher James McCrea, 23, assaulted the woman while her children were in the living room, holding her down by her hair, according to court documents.

A counselor encouraged the victim to report the assault, which allegedly occurred on Aug. 10.

The victim told police that McCrea, an acquaintance, came to her house around 4 p.m. and asked to use the phone.

Once McCrea was inside the apartment, he used the bathroom while the victim got ready to take her garbage out.

The victim told police McCrea offered to help her, but she declined. Then, he cornered her in the kitchen and started groping her.

She told police she pushed him back and said, “I don’t want to do this, maybe you should go.”

McCrea replied, “I’m not hurting you,” according to court documents.

The woman tried to go around him and get out of the kitchen, but he cornered her in the bathroom. She told police that she hoped by going into the bathroom she could be more forceful with McCrea and not alarm her children, who were playing in the living room.

McCrea shut the bathroom door and pressed the woman against the sink counter and began kissing and touching her. The woman kept saying “no,” according to court documents.

Instead of stopping, McCrea pulled out his penis and grabbed the victim’s hand, according to court documents. While he continued pushing her, the victim fell down on a pile of clothes in the bathroom and he attempted to take advantage of her. The victim wouldn’t let McCrea come much closer, so instead, he grabbed her by the hair and “stimulated himself,” according to court documents.

She told police her kids began calling for her and McCrea told them their mother would be out in a minute.

McCrea kept holding her down by her hair, so she couldn’t get up. She told police he was talking in a low voice, telling her to “twirl her hair and smile.” When she didn’t, he would yank her hair up in order to force her to look at him.

After McCrea left, the victim gathered up her children and drove away from her house.

McCrea was arrested on Aug. 16 for an unrelated charge.

When police interviewed McCrea what happened at the victim’s house he started fidgeting and getting nervous, according to court documents. When an officer asked if the purpose of the interview was becoming clear, McCrea responded, “Not really.”

McCrea told police the victim “wanted to do things with him” and that “it was not all him trying to hit on her,” according to court documents.

When asked if the woman had done something to lead him to believe she was interested, McCrea said, “She was bending over in front of me a lot.” McCrea also said the victim consented to being touched.

The victim denied giving consent and told police she had been bending over to take out the trash — like anyone would do.

McCrea was charged with attempting to commit a Class A felony, two counts of first-degree sex abuse, coercion and harassment.

His plea hearing hasn’t been set yet.

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Like I've said before this area is overflowing with drug addicted, white trash sex offenders. Some Oregonians have complained about "California Invaders" ruining their state. Maybe you should look around you, and adjust your attitude. I don't see how "We" could make it any worse!!!

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