Elk left to waste in Douglas County

Police are looking for information about a 5-point elk that was left to waste in southern Douglas County.

Police are looking for information about a 5-point elk that was left to waste in Douglas County on Tuesday.

The bull elk was found on a BLM road between Turkey Creek and Upper Cow Creek Road in the southern part of the county, just east of Interstate 5 and Canyon Mountain, according to police.

The elk was shot once through the back on the gravel road, police said. Police said someone with large, mud terrain-type tires left the scene after shooting and leaving the elk.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Oregon State Police Turn-In-Poachers Reward line at 1-800-452-7888 or send an email to tip@osp.oregon.gov and reference case #SP21284240.

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Oh, #$%^& ! A gorgeous 5x5 hung out with a herd of about 40 on our place for weeks, a month or two ago. We're just south of this travesty.

I hope the idjits who did this are caught, fined, and imprisoned.

I kill an elk most years. We are responsible in using every bit of the animal, except for the ruined head.

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