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A Roseburg man was arrested after he allegedly robbed the Dutch Bros. coffee stand and assaulted a customer in northeast Roseburg, according to police.

Early Thursday morning police said Aaron Schwab, 32, entered the coffee stand at 1731 NE Stephens St., Roseburg, shoved and hit Codie Parret, an employee, and demanded Parret hand over his phone. In an attempt to stop the attack, Parret gave Schwab the phone, valued between $800 and $1,000.

Schwab left the kiosk and jumped onto the hood of a customer’s truck before attempting to pull the customer, identified as Matthew Johnson, out of the vehicle.

Johnson fought back but, during the altercation, Schwab punched him numerous times and left a gash above his eye that bled profusely, according to court documents.

Officers arrived at the scene and attempted to take Schwab into custody.

Schwab was not being cooperative and attempted to run, which caused officers to deploy a Taser, but Schwab pulled out the Taser probes and took off. Police K-9 Nike was sent after Schwab and was able to capture the running man.

“Schwab tried to fight with the police dog, but when K-9 Nike held on, Schwab changed his mind and complied with commands,” wrote Master Officer Blake Cordell in his probable cause affidavit.

Schwab was transported to CHI Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg for minor injuries and a “high level” of intoxication.

Later, when police were able to interview Schwab, he told officers he had taken drugs that someone had given him and didn’t remember much, other than getting hit by a car and being bitten by a police dog.

Schwab was taken to the Douglas County Jail and is being held in lieu of $130,000 bail. He was arrested on suspicion of third-degree robbery, second-degree burglary, second-degree theft, fourth-degree assault, second-degree disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, harassment and unlawful entry into a motor vehicle.

The victims of the assaults had superficial, minor injuries, according to police.

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He's darn lucky the guy he tried to pull out of his vehicle wasn't packing, or didn't use it. Otherwise, that would have been a one was ride to Mercy. THEY'RE OUT THERE!


Sounds like he probably had enough coffee?☕☕☕☕☕☕☕😨😵😤


Way to go NIke! Great dog.

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