Two Roseburg residents were arrested for drug charges Tuesday after getting busted by the Douglas Interagency Narcotic Team.

The narcotic team set up a drug deal in the parking lot at Shari’s Cafe and Pies with 31-year-old Gina Bonatti and 28-year-old Brandon Belcher.

After the drug deal for 2.5 ounces of methamphetamine was completed, a detective detained both Bonatti and Belcher.

Belcher had 2.5 ounces of what he claimed was sugar packaged in plastic bags in his sock. In his other sock, he had nearly 7 grams of methamphetamine, according to court documents.

Belcher told the detective that he went to Shari’s to “rip off” somebody. He said he was going to sell the person the sugar and leave before they realized it was “fake” meth, according to court documents.

He said the other sock had real meth in it, but he said it wasn’t for the deal that day, according to court documents.

Belcher was charged with methamphetamine possession, methamphetamine delivery and imitation controlled substance delivery. Bonatti was charged with heroin possession and imitation controlled substance delivery.

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Saphara Harrell is the crime and natural resources reporter for The News-Review. She previously worked at The World in Coos Bay. Follow her on Twitter @daisysaphara.

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The crimes, violence and deaths associated specifically with meth, cocaine and heroin are so horrendous that there should be only one penalty for selling these poisons - death.


You have a valid point.


Mr Belcher is a swell guy. Last Oct & Nov. he was charged with a total of twelve felony counts to include rape, coercion, sexual abuse, and burglary. My question is WHY is he back on the streets a year later? No disposition was given. Something stinks here.


Very good question! With a rap sheet like that he should be sitting behind bars not on the street causing more trouble.


Last time I reach for the sugar at Shari's!

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