Troy Phelps pleaded not guilty Monday in the disappearance and murder of Winston woman Kendra Hanks.

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He killed my son Brandon This man (Troy Russell Phelps) is a monster. He murdered my son in cold blood in 2017. In 2020 we spent about 12 weeks in the court room for the trial So many mistakes were made my officials in the case and so much evidence was suppressed because of Troy's rights being exercised and also his rights being violated some how. What about Brandon Kayla and little Gracys rights. What about Kendras rights. The whole community was put in danger when they let a killer free.. Even sex offenders have to register and officials notify the community of the threat. But nodoby was warned about Troy. The whole thing felt like a circus act. Our family is still in shock over the judge giving the verdict of not guilty. Troy's attorney was very disrespectful to my poor son and Kayla. She was very abusive verbally and she said things hurtful to our whole family. She made up a hypothetical scenario in her head about what happened to my son and then lied trying to convince everyone that her lie is what happened. Not the reality of what happened the truth, The reality was that Troy killed Brandon. Which she knew he did, because she saw all the evidence she had successfully had removed from the case making itb not admissable in the trial. She is like a pit bull She is ruthless. Everyone The DA the judge and Ms Baker all knew Troy killed Brandon but they couldn't use the evidence that was suppressed against him. 12 weeks of poor Kayla reliving daily the horror of the day Troy killed Brandon and kidnapped her and their 10 month old baby girl Gracy. 12 weeks of our family sitting through seeing and hearing all the videos audios and seeing pictures and going over all of the police reports, lab reports day after day for 12 weeks sitting there with masks on,

watching them present each pice of evidence and decide whether to admit or suppress each piece of evidence that Ms Baker could try to find a reason to suppress. We had to watch Ms Baker attempt to discredit those testifying. She would pick their statements apart and confusethe everyone with her twisted way of questioning to and every detail about Brandon's. It shouldn't be legal to suppress (hide) evidence in murder cases fact is fact real is real not bury it to protect the rights of the murderer the only rights he should have the ri,ght to have everything out in the open, all of the evidence should be allowed and let the evidence speak for itself. How is it legal for Troy to get to hire a "liar" ( our tax dollars pay for) to manipulate the system and hide evidence and cover up the truth. Twisting it around to try to make it point at anyone else. Victimising his victims putting them through even more pain and suffering. Never having to face the consequences of what he has done. Literally Getting away with murder and Never being punished for it.

I told the DA that he would kill again and that the blood would be on all of here hands. (The judge DA, and Ms Baker ) for letting a known killer go free. They knew he was guilty and let him go over red tape and loopholes in the system. I pray that this time they do their jobs and Troy gets what he deserves. Poor Kendra...the system clearly didn't protect her from a monster who shouldnt have been freed. Where's the justice in our judicial system.

Oh and another could they let Troy move within 5 miles of where he killed Brandon which is only a mile from my front door without letting us know where he was. And why didn't the cops do a walk through when a 911 call comes in from a residence that a person on supervision lives. They would have found Kendra.!!! My heart goes out to Kendra's loved ones. RIP Kendra. I pray for you and your family. ..

Sincerely yours.

.Linda Michael (Brandon Michael's Mom)


This tragedy is the most devastating thing that anyone or family should EVER have to experience!!!

That poor young girl & her family suffered & continue to suffer from one man’s incompetence to care for another life. I pray JUSTICE for the family & mostly for the innocent young lady!!! In GODS name may she Rest In Peace & that man meet his maker.

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