The 26-year-old who killed nine people two years ago at Umpqua Community College thought Christianity should be illegal, watched ISIS beheading videos and was interested in the religious beliefs of Luciferianism, according to documents released Friday as part of the police investigation.

On the evening of Oct. 1, 2015, hours after the massacre, Cecil Ritchey walked into the Roseburg Police Department with his girlfriend, where he told police he was friends with the shooter.

Ritchey said he knew the shooter, 26-year-old UCC student Christopher Harper-Mercer, and that the two got together to play video games like Gears of War and Call of Duty: Black Ops. The two met after the two were both waiting in line to fill out FAFSA information at UCC.

Ritchey told police during the interview that he was a practicing “Luciferian,” and that then when he discussed Luciferianism with Harper-Mercer, he became very interested. Luciferianism is a belief system that reveres Lucifer and views him as a liberator and not a devil.

Ritchey told police that Harper-Mercer was molested at a church when he was young and that he believed that preachers “deserved to be beheaded/killed.”

As the two continued to communicate, they began sharing YouTube videos of ISIS beheading Christians and government conspiracies.

Ritchey said he had talked with Harper-Mercer the day before the shooting about getting together to play video games, but Harper-Mercer said he had to go to school and that he would call him afterward.

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Completely disagree with the NR giving the phsyco any recognition at all. Disgraceful!

pretty disgusting, I agree


Watching ISIS executions isn't exactly what could be categorized as "Normal"
juvenile behavior. Maybe our boy Ritchey needs a closer look.

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