Umpqua Community College has named DSL Builders from Salem as responsible for rebuilding Snyder Hall.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has completed its investigation into the Umpqua Community College shooting, according to a press release.

The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office has determined that no criminal charges will be filed against anyone regarding the investigation. The investigation also concluded that the shooter, 26-year-old Christopher Harper-Mercer, acted alone when he killed nine people and injured eight more during the school shooting on Oct. 1, 2015.

Police say Harper-Mercer died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after exchanging gunfire with law enforcement.

As part of the release, the shooter’s manifesto was made public. In it, the shooter wrote, “I have always been the most hated person in the world. Ever since I arrived in this world, I have been under siege from it.”

The manifesto outlines the shooter’s frustration with “alpha thug black men” who “corrupted the women of this planet.”

“All they care about is sex and swag,” the shooter wrote.

“When good individuals like myself are alone, but wicked black men get the loot, like some sort of vaginal pirate, it’s not fair,” he continued.

Harper-Mercer said he served a demonic hierarchy and that when he died, he would become “a demon.”

“My success in Hell is assured,” he wrote.

According to documents, Harper-Mercer idolized prior killers like Ted Bundy, Elliott Rodger, Vester Flanagan, Adam Lanza, Seugn Cho and the “Columbine kids” and advised others to commit similar crimes.

“Fear not the laws of man, when you get to the other side you will be welcomed,” he wrote.

In a joint statement from Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin and District Attorney Rick Wesenberg, they expressed condolences and thanked public safety officers across the state:

“Our offices wish to extend our deepest condolences to all those affected by this horrific and cowardice act of violence.

“We wish to express our thanks to the countless number of community members from Douglas County and across the world who offered their support during this investigation.

“Additionally, we wish to thank our public safety partners from Oregon and all over the United States for their response to the college campus.

“We ask the media to respect the collective voice of our offices, the survivors and the families of the victims by refraining from printing or airing anything which would shock the conscious (sic) of this community and promote this type of reprehensible behavior by would-be copycatters.

“Sheriff Hanlin reiterates his request to not speak or print the shooter’s name, as he does not deserve the attention he desperately sought,” the release read.

UCC President Debra Thatcher said in an emailed statement, “The release of this report is another step in our community’s recovery process. We appreciate the thoughtful work that was done to fully examine the incident and develop the report. We ask that our community supports each other as we all process this information.”

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What we learned is this...if there had been armed security at the library or at the Science building, (the two closest to Snyder Hall) it still wouldn't have prevented this shooting. However, perhaps an armed student in Snyder 15 might have.


Gee Ian Cambell, you couldn't even respect a simple request not to reprint the shooter's name out of respect for the victims and their families as well as the responders. A simple request not to reprint his name so that he is mot glorified of what he has done. No, you had to plaster it all over the article and compare it to others like him. How disrespecful!!! You make me sick! You even go as far as putting in your article the request not to reprint the shooter's name but you did anyway and multiple times at that! What a jerk!!!!! Ian Campbell, I have no respect for you. You will do anything for news. You suck!

Roseburg Reader

You were asked not to publish the shooters name, yet it is plastered all over here. REALLY?!?!?! You can't respect that????


I would think that anyone this mentally messed up would have been noticed by someone. Scary thinking that there are people out there who would do this kind of thing. Hopefully we as a community can learn from this horror.


What would you like the community to learn from this?


***That if you know or see someone that is showing signs of depression and struts around with firearms, to call the local pd and voice your feelings. Better to have the knowledge of his actions and behavior known than not.

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