After the Oct. 1 shooting, 10 people were brought to Mercy Medical Center. One died and three were transported to Sacred Heart Hospital at RiverBend in Springfield. Just six of those who were injured but survived have been publicly identified. The News-Review checked up on how they’re doing.

Julie Woodworth was the most injured of the survivors. She was shot five times, with one of the bullets landing in her brain. She was taken to the intensive care unit at Sacred Heart Hospital at RiverBend in Springfield. It wasn’t until after multiple surgeries, including brain surgery, that she was able to return home.

She told The News-Review Thursday she is working through speech and physical therapy at Mercy Medical Center.

“I’m doing OK!” she said in an email.

In the future, she said she wants to go back to school and to work part time.

A quote on her Facebook page says a lot about her fighting spirit. It reads, “Always forwards. Never give up. Because there is no time to lose. Be humble, be kind. Love yourself.”

Anastasia Boylan of Reston was also taken to Sacred Heart Hospital at RiverBend after the shooting, where she was treated for a bullet lodged in her spine. She told friends in August she planned to transfer this year to the Oregon Institute of Technology, where she will study for a bachelor’s degree in medical sonography. She plans to become an ultrasound technician.

Cheyeanne Fitzgerald of Green, the youngest of the victims, was just 16 during last year’s attack. She was shot in the back, and the bullet grazed her lung and ended up in her kidney, which had to be removed. Family members could not be reached for comment, but her Facebook page shows a happy, healthy, active young woman.

Amber McMurtrey, a mother of two and hospice caregiver, was attending UCC to pursue a career in nursing. She was shot eight times in the arm and abdomen. She continued her studies online this winter, and told KEZI recently she is undergoing physical therapy and recently underwent surgery to have the rest of the last bullet removed.

Rand McGowan of Roseburg, a flute player who was shot in the hand during last year’s attack, told The News-Review he is continuing his studies at UCC and is doing well. His hand is also healed.

Chris Mintz, the man who confronted the shooter and was shot seven times, declined an interview. Mintz is a veteran who was named Oregon’s 2015 Person of the Year. He raised a record $819,440 in an online Go Fund Me campaign over the past year.

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