A Wolf Creek man was arrested Thursday after allegedly buying a stolen car with drugs inside and lying to deputies about his name.

Jared Snyder stole Ashley Sivola’s 2001 Honda Accord from her Glendale home two weeks ago, according to police.

Last week, a deputy from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office spotted the stolen car pulling into the Burger King in Canyonville after she called Thursday.

As the deputy turned on his patrol car lights, the driver, later identified as 38-year-old Jeremy Jason Rymer, quickly walked toward the Burger King doors, according to court documents.

When Rymer asked why he was being stopped, the deputy said the car had been reported stolen.

Rymer said he didn’t have any identification on him, provided a false name and birthdate and said he bought the car from Snyder for $500.

The deputy was able to determine Rymer’s real identity and discovered he had a warrant for his arrest.

After he was arrested, Rymer told the deputy he had a bill of sale in the glove box but hadn’t shown it because it had his real name on it.

The bill of sale stated that an Ashley Shepperd sold the vehicle to Rymer.

Deputies notified Sivola that the car had been recovered and she requested that they search the car to make sure Rymer didn’t leave anything that would get her in trouble.

Inside the car, deputies found nearly 70 grams of methamphetamine in plastic bags and 5 grams of heroin inside of a Pringles can with a false bottom.

At the jail, Rymer told deputies that the day after he bought the car, Sivola’s mom — Cindy Davidson —flagged him down, told him the car still belonged to her daughter and asked where he got it.

When Rymer told Davidson he bought it from Synder, she cursed at Synder and sped off, according to court documents.

Rymer told deputies that it “threw up some red flags.”

When asked about the heroin and meth, Rymer said he just thought it was garbage. Earlier, he told deputies he had completely cleaned the car out, according to court documents.

When a deputy returned Sivola’s car keys, she told him that Snyder asked to borrow her car and later said he wanted to buy it. Davidson told Rymer that car wasn’t for sale, but when she went inside, Snyder drove away in the vehicle, according to court documents.

Sivola told deputies she never agreed to sell the car to Snyder or Rymer because she knew neither would pay her. She said the bill of sale Rymer presented was fake and pointed out that her name was misspelled on the document.

After Sivola went to pick up her car, she reported that the rear passenger window had been broken and the stereo had been ripped out.

Rymer was charged with two counts of heroin possession, two counts of methamphetamine possession, possession of a stolen vehicle, unauthorized use of a vehicle and giving false information to a police officer.

Snyder, according to court documents, was not arrested.

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