A Roseburg woman was arrested after she admitted to starting a grass fire near the Interstate 5 northbound onramp at the exit 136 interchange in Sutherlin Monday morning.

The Sutherlin fire and police departments were called to the area of 133 Westwood Street, behind the Dutch Brothers Coffee drive-thru just east of the freeway, shortly after 8 a.m. There had been several 911 calls reporting a quickly growing grass fire in the area.

Sutherlin police arrived to find 62-year-old Pamela Jo Sather standing next to the fire. As an officer approached, Sather was reportedly seen throwing items into the fire, then later admitted she had started the fire, according to a report from the Sutherlin Police Department.

Sutherlin Fire Department arrived shortly after and extinguished the fire, which was not threatening any structures.

Sather was lodged in the Douglas County Jail on suspicion of reckless burning, disorderly conduct and tampering with evidence. She had been released as of Tuesday morning.

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NR blogger

Fire Mon. Released Tuesday. Let's see what happens Wed or Thursday. Yes if she can be helped she certainly should be. But if she is given housing, it should be brick or concrete. Something non combustible.


Poor lady. The police, prosecutors and courts can be important resources for getting treatment for people who are a danger to themselves or others. After our experiences with wild fires, it becomes clear that repeatedly lighting fires, especially a grass fire, can endanger the property and lives of many people.

I hope the authorities use all the tools available to get this woman help before she seriously harms anyone, including herself.


The face of total despair. How sad.

Smart A

No doubt. I'll donate $20 for a one-way Greyhound trip to San Francisco where she might get some more help.


My mistake - the police log on Ms Sather's previous events was tw weeks ago - for August 14 and 15


A week ago Saturday at 6:30 am I saw a trash receptacle burning at the corner of Lane and Jackson in Roseburg. The Fire Department came and put out the fire with a bucket. Who knew that RFD carried buckets on the apparatus. The Roseburg Police log on Monday said that Ms Sather was cited at that time for that fire. Then Saturday evening RPD arrested her for starting fires in numerous trash receptacles along Jackson Street but reported that the jail would not accept her. The next day she was taken into custody by RPD for disruptive behavior on Harvard and transported to the new sobering center. I would like to know what, if anything, was done to deal with her between that weekend and this one.


Clearly Ms. Sather's mental health could benefit from a professional.

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