A 25-year-old Reedsport man was arrested Friday for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl.

Dakota Lester Haviland was charged with three counts of third-degree sodomy, third-degree rape, marijuana delivery to a person under 18 and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Haviland had sexual contact with the girl on multiple occasions, according to court documents.

The first was in a wooded area of Reedsport known as Master Heights. Haviland used the app Snapchat to message the girl to meet up and smoke marijuana, according to court documents.

The victim told police that after the two smoked together, Haviland unzipped the girl's pants and started touching her inappropriately. 

Haviland then forced the girl to perform oral sex on him, according to court documents.

The victim saw Haviland again at a party on Hawthorne Avenue in Reedsport on June 21. The girl said she wanted to go for a walk and Haviland went with her. The victim told police that he had purchased alcohol for her.

When they left the party, they went into an alleyway where Haviland began touching her.

The victim told police she was trying to find someone to buy alcohol for her on July 14 and Haviland met her near Safeway. Haviland bought wine for her and they walked to the dog park.

He waited until she started drinking the bottle of wine before he started touching her. She was reluctant and he encouraged her to drink more, according to court documents.

When the 14-year-old had consumed half of the wine, Haviland began undressing the teen before he pulled her onto his lap and started having sex, according to court documents.

The girl told Haviland she wanted to stop and that she needed to go, but Haviland said, "Hold on, wait until I'm done," according to court documents.

The girl told police her hips hurt from the amount of force Haviland used and said she didn't report the incident earlier because she was embarrassed and wanted to forget about it.

When questioned by Reedsport police on Aug. 24, Haviland said he thought the girl was 18.

He later confessed that the girl told him she was 14 and that he had sex with her, according to police.

Haviland was arraigned Monday. His plea hearing hasn't been scheduled yet.

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I certainly hope the girl smartens up.


Your headline is disgusting, this creep didn't "have sex" with a teen. He RAPED a teen. Please learn the difference.

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