Douglas County picked up four new positive cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday.

The county has now had 142 confirmed cases and 14 presumptive cases of the coronavirus for a total of 156 since the pandemic began.

Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team also said on Tuesday that 24 people are in isolation, That number, the agency said, represents roughly the number of active cases in the county.

Three people are now listed as hospitalized. Two of those are from Douglas County, but one of those is hospitalized out of the area. The third person is hospitalized in the county, but is from another of state.

That person is not reflected in the local case numbers.

There has still been only one resident of the county who has died from COVID-19.

The state’s new cases climbed back over 300, but just barely. The Oregon Health Authority reported 302 new cases and 11 deaths. That was the state’s largest one day death total since the pandemic began.

Neighboring counties Jackson had 12 cases and Josephine County had nine.

Out of the 11 deaths reported Monday, eight were people that had died as far back as May 22 and reconciliation by the OHA found additional deaths that could have been COVID-related. That included a 105-year-old woman in Clackamas County who died July 5. Her death certificate listed COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 as a significant condition contributing to death.

OHA reported an outbreak at Smith Foods in hard-hit Umatilla County that has reached 25 cases. That county has 2,312 cases and 30 deaths that are considered COVID-related.

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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Roseburg’s Veterans Affairs reported 2 new veteran coronavirus cases this afternoon, bringing their total to 21.

U.S. Veterans Affairs nationwide reported 854 new cases and 34 deaths today.


With so many retail stores offering curbside pickup, I confess I haven’t had to enter a retail store and haven’t done so since early March to avoid being infected with coronavirus. While waiting for my past curbside pickups to arrive, I’ve consistently observed a high number of people entering or attempting to enter Roseburg retail stores without face masks which has led to my reluctance. When I made my curbside pickups yesterday, it appeared a change had occurred. Almost everyone was wearing masks when entering the stores.

I stepped into Home Depot for the first time in months and found I was wrong. Though Home Depot, like most other retail stores, has a sign out front declaring face masks are required in the store, it is clear Home Depot does not enforce this state order. While the majority of customers and store workers were wearing masks, I did observe several of the store workers (cashiers) wearing their masks under their chins and 14 customers at the cashier’s and at self-checkouts who were not wearing masks at all. A couple had mask strings hanging out of their back pocket.

If Home Depot was serious about preventing coronavirus infection and complying with the state mask order, it would not allow people to complete their purchase without a mask. I guess I will stick to my curbside pickup for a while longer and probably take my future business to Lowes to see if they are any better.


Douglas County Public Health Network reported 3 new coronavirus cases today bringing the total to 159 cases and 1 death. DPHN has reported 18 coronavirus cases over the past week in Douglas County. Douglas County 7-day positive test rate is 2.56%.


The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 30 new coronavirus cases today and 191 cases over the past week with 2 deaths.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 248 new coronavirus cases today and 7 more deaths.

1,504 deaths from coronavirus were reported in the U.S. yesterday, which is the highest number of one day deaths since May 27. The number of deaths so far today is on pace to be higher than yesterday’s reported number.


U.S. coronavirus deaths will pass 170,000 by this time tomorrow.


U.S. reports highest number of covid-19 deaths in one day since mid-May.


The Oregon Health Authority provided the following Douglas County zip codes as of August 9 with the number of coronavirus cases for each (below link). ZIP codes that have fewer than 10 cases were reported as “1–9”.

97417: 1-9

97435: 1-9

97457: 1-9

97462: 1-9

97467: 1-9

97469: 1-9

97470: 31

97471: 24

97479: 35

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