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The Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Team reported a two-day total of 182 new cases of COVID-19 in its Friday report.

On Thursday, 74 people were reported with new cases Thursday, followed by 108 new cases Friday. Thirty-one county residents are hospitalized, 27 locally and four out of the area.

Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer said that the recent surge in COVID-19 is not likely to end anytime soon.

“Unfortunately, I do not think we have seen the full impact of this surge yet,” Dannenhoffer said in Friday’s news release. “The rampant surges are so unnecessary, and getting out of control.”

Douglas County has an abundance of vaccines available between the two-dose Pfizer and Moderna and one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines, and there is ample access for unvaccinated residents who wish to receive the shot.

“We know that the COVID-19 vaccines are still showing to be the most effective prevention measure for slowing the spread of COVID-19, being hospitalized for COVID-19 or dying from a COVID-19 infection, even with the newer variants,” Dannenhoffer said.

Local health officials are reportedly seeing a vast increase in young people requiring hospital care due to the illness. In June 2020, the average age of county residents requiring hospitalization was 86. Since this past June, that average had dropped to 47, with nearly 40% of those cases being younger than 30.

“There are many possible explanations (for the increase in younger cases), but one that stands out to me is that most of the young hospitalized COVID-19 patients are not vaccinated, and we know that vaccine uptake has been higher in older generations,” Dannenhoffer said.

As of Friday, the Douglas Public Health Network was monitoring 640 county residents in isolation with positive test results, an increase of 219 since Monday. There are an additional 410 potential contacts who are in quarantine.

The Douglas County Tiger Team continues to offer free vaccinations to anyone age 18 or older at the Douglas County Fair through Saturday. Aviva Health has a vaccination center 4221 NE Stephens St., Roseburg, open to anyone age 12 and older.

Additionally, the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians has two available drive-thru clinics at 2371 NE Stephens St., Roseburg and 480 Wartahoo Lane in Canyonville. The tribe offers the Moderna vaccine Monday-Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Donovan Brink can be reached at and 541-957-4219.

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Alarming 94K surge in COVID-19 cases among kids, hospitals overwhelmed.


Children make up 15% of U.S. COVID-19 cases.



Almost a month old. It's worsened significantly since July 13.


More recent. Half of Texas Trauma Hospitals Run out of ICU Beds as COVID Surges.


Oregon’s coronavirus ICU record shattered once again TODAY (below link) as all signs point to out-of-control 5th surge.

"Gov. Kate Brown took no action Monday to institute a statewide mask mandate, reiterating that she is leaving that decision up to leaders of Oregon’s 36 counties and hundreds of cities -- including those officials she said asked her to leave the decision-making power in their hands." She's specifically talking about Douglas County's Commissioners.

Multnomah County became the first county in the state to announce it’s reinstating an indoor public mask mandate starting Friday.


A RECORD BREAKING 109 new coronavirus cases and 1 death were reported in Douglas County on Saturday with 63 cases on Sunday and 71 cases reported today by the County Commissioners Recovery Team (should be called NEW RECORD Team). This record of 109 cases breaks the record of 106 cases set just the day before on Friday. This daily case record has been broken 6 of the last 14 days as cases and deaths continue to surge while our County Commissioners doing NOTHING different to prevent avoidable deaths.

Douglas County has reported a mind boggling 559 new Covid Cases over the past 7-days. Yet, out County Commissioners do nothing different with the power delegated to them by the Governor. They appear willing to let people die rather than impose actions that could save lives.

There is also a RECORD breaking 38 Douglas County resident hospitalized today. That record too has been broken multiple times over the past two week surge in cases.

The Commissioners Recovery Team reported 904 coronavirus cases over the past two weeks which calculates to a 14-day case rate of 805.3 today for Douglas County, which is MUCH greater than the maximum case rate of 200 previously required for in-dining restaurants, bars, theaters and health clubs to remain open. These are AGAIN all new records.

An average of 90 Douglas County residents per day was vaccinated over the past week from August 2 – 8. This is a small increase from the previous week from July 26 – August 1, which averaged 80 vaccinations per day.


Don’t you find it very strange they the western world is experiencing an influenza outbreak at the peak of summer? I’m 75 and I’ve never seen this. Could it be that we’re experiencing an Antibody Enhanced Response caused by the Moderna mRNA experimental drug?


Scomo, where's the flu? According to this August 6 map from the CDC, the flu is minimal. You and Wretched must get your info from the same source because she was singing a similar song last Winter, apparently not realizing that flu doesn't register on covid tests.


It’s been well documented that since January the season flu has been AWOL, no news theyah. The explanation is that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has essentially shut out the common influenza virus, a common occurrence. Both viruses compete for sites on human cells and the former is more successful having been engineered to be more infectious. You can thank the quizling Fauci for a muted flu season........and for all the damage wraught by the covid. And, do you seriously trust the PCR test for detecting SARS-CoV-2 especially after the inventor of the test claimed that it was never meant to be used in that fashion.


scomo, will you please share the sources of your information? I am especially interested because for many months Wretched, under a different moniker, made similar claims. When she was asked for sources she did not reply. I would really like to know where this info is coming from and why some people -- like you -- believe it and some people -- like me -- don't. To me, that's really interesting.

Flu is not only contagious via droplets and aerosols from people breathing, coughing and sneezing, but it's also highly contagious from contaminated surfaces. Flu season was non-existent because masking and all the extra hand washing and cleaning of surfaces to prevent the spread of covid also worked to prevent the spread of the flu. It's not at all mysterious. No engineering required.


Shuah, here’s one source that claimed completion may occur, but there are others who claim that it did occur


Thank you, scomo. The article is from the American Society of Microbiology and was published on Oct 27, 2020, which would have been at the beginning of the expected 2020-21 flu season. It speculates on possible co-infection dynamics with covid and flu. The article sums up:

"Does a host’s immune response to one virus make it more difficult for the other to cause infection? Or is an already immunocompromised host left more vulnerable to secondary infection? Only time and experience will tell."

We didn't find out because covid precautions vastly reduced exposure to flu virus. We were extremely fortunate!

I am interested in any other sources you have that would help me understand.


Douglas Count’s 278 cases were the 3rd highest number of cases for any county in the state over the weekend. Only Lane County with 624 and Multnomah County with 538 cases were higher. Douglas County had 9% of Oregon’s cases last weekend even though it is only 2.5% of the state’s population.

The Commissioners Recovery Team reported 904 coronavirus cases and the OHA reported Douglas County received 4,480 test results over the past two weeks. Dividing 904 cases by 4,480 test results gives Douglas County a 14-day positive test rate of 20.2% today.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 1060 new coronavirus cases and 9 deaths over the weekend. The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported a RECORD 2,993 cases and 24 deaths over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 3,204 new coronavirus cases and 14 deaths over the weekend in Oregon. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is 7.7% today.

The Oregon Health Authority tracks hospital statistics for seven different regions in Oregon. Region 3 consists of Douglas, Coos, Curry and Lane Counties. The OHA reported there are 8 ICU beds and 90 non-ICU beds available in Region 3 today. A RECORD 100 coronavirus cases are hospitalized in Region 3 today. 22 are in ICU. 9 are on ventilators. A RECORD 1,798 new coronavirus cases were reported in Region 3 over the last week.


Austin, Texas, activated its emergency alert system today to warn the public of a "severely worsening COVID-19 situation" as area hospitalizations continue to surge. In an alert sent via text, city authorities wrote "the Covid-19 situation in Austin is dire.

Much like our own Douglas County Commissioners, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has resisted implementing any safety precautions to prevent increased deaths in the face of historic cases and hospitalizations. On Thursday, he unveiled an agenda for the special legislative session banning school mask mandates and vaccination requirements.


Mike, if you want the real story about what’s going on in Houston regarding covid, go to the source,

It’s not as bad as you paint. They have plenty of beds available and although the hospitalization rate has climbed again, the death rate is very low ~ 1%. Texas has this under control, they always did. What’s out of control is the border. Where do you think all these new cases are coming from? The hundreds of thousands of illegals coming across and being released. Get real!


You may not have noticed I wrote about Austin which is not Houston.

I'm not sure I agree that Texas has had Covid under control. Texas had 3.2 million Covid cases and 53,881 deaths so far. That's twice the population of Roseburg.....dead. Texas' record is 708 deaths in one day on July 30 last summer. Texas recently reported over 15,000 cases and 78 deaths two days ago and most realize by now the peak on deaths lag cases by about two weeks.

I'm not going to attempt to argue where the cases are coming from. The point is they are happening at an emergency alert rate and Texas leadership is doing NOTHING, much like our own leadership in Douglas County. In fact, Texas leadership is going backwards and preventing well-intentioned people from implementing safety measures for their own communities, hypocritically preventing them from making their own choice.


Texas has a population of more than 25 million, NY has a population of less than 20 million with >56,000 covid deaths. Your numbers for Texas and mine for NY are based on poor sources considering that the CDC claimed a month ago that only 6000 people in the US died of covid itself. Nearly all of the victims died of complications exacerbated by the virus. It’s the weak (those with hypertension, obesity, diabetes) who are the victims. What’s unique about this virus is that it has been engineered to be very contagious which is why the associated death rate is so high. Be that as it may, it seems you didn’t look at the website I gave you. There’s plenty of ICU beds available in Houston and I’m sure it’s the same throughout the state. Unlike you, I have lived in Texas and the state govt of Oregon is bush league in comparison. Douglas county govt has it right, this “surge” is just more BS intended to scare the populace into submission. The UK and Israel are good examples of what to expect from the “delta” variant and data from those two countries clearly indicate very low death rates. What’s more, in Israel more than 50% of the hospitalized patients were fully vaccinated. So much for the Moderna vaccine protecting you. Time to move in my friend, rely on your immune system it’s truly your best defense. Oh, and May lay in a stock of hydroxychloroquine or invermectin, both anti microbial have now proven to be very effective

against all strains of SARS-CoV-2.


I write about Austin and you claim its Houston. I write about Texas and you somehow justify your claims by comparing it to New York. Your arguments appear to be throwing mud against the wall hoping something will stick.


There are many many Texans who will tell you that Austin is not part of Texas in the same way that Oregonians will tell you that Portland ain’t part of Oregon.

It seems that my arguments are a bit too complex for you to follow. Doesn’t surprise me, you’re probably from Portland



You write, "Your arguments appear to be throwing mud against the wall hoping something will stick."

It isn't mud.

I wish there were a vaccine to prevent scatolia.


Never from Portland but I did live in Texas for 5 years. I don't remember Texans saying what you claim.


Get Real. Texas recorded over 42,000 Covid deaths in 2020 which is more than the 38,000 traffic deaths in the ENTIRE U.S. in 2020.


Scomo: trying to reason with you is about as productive as reasoning with the characters in Hogarth's Gin Lane. That said, let me respond to a few of the assertions you made:

1) "What’s more, in Israel more than 50% of the hospitalized patients were fully vaccinated. So much for the Moderna vaccine protecting you." Israel uses mostly Pfizer-BioNTech, and they find it about 93% effective in preventing serious illness and hospitalizations. But the more important point is, that you cannot say, "Oh, over half of the people in ICU were vaccinated," and use that as evidence against vaccination. Here is a useful, easy, thought experiment: imagine you have a country that is 100% vaccinated against a disease, and the vaccine is 90% effective against people getting sick enough to get into the ICU. Of people in the ICU, what percentage have been vaccinated? Well, it's 100%, even though the vaccine is 90% effective. It's it is very easy mathematically to work backwards from the ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated in the ICUs, to arrive at the effectiveness of the vaccine, if you know the vaccination rate in the country. Moreover, you need to have data on all of the major sub groups, by age, immune status, and perhaps SES, inter alia. These data are not available publicly, but Israel still maintains that the vaccines are highly effective. I trust them.

2) The website you link indicates that Houston area ICUs are already well over their Phase I capacity and half way into their Phase 2 capacity, and the curve of new infections and hospitalizations is headed sharply upwards--this is not "under control", not with a curren Rt of 1.5. It's as if you were already spending all of your gin budget and you were dipping into your tonic budget to buy gin, and you were planning on how to get along without citrus (Phase 3), so that increased demand for gin be satisfied. You don't have "plenty" of gin.

3)"...the CDC claimed a month ago that only 6000 people in the US died of covid itself." Uh, no. This false claim (stating 6%, not "6000", surfaced about a year ago. What CDC said was that about 6% of people who had died of Covid had only Covid listed on their death certificate. Now, I have filled out a lot of death certificates, and it was pretty uncommon – – I'm guessing around 6% would not be unreasonable, in adults over, say 30--in which there was just one cause of death. My own mother died of Legionella pneumonia, and other contributing causes of death included emphysema and heart disease and cigarette smoking; it doesn't mean that she didn't die of Legionella.

Had the CDC really indicated that only 6000 Americans have died of Covid, that would be under 1% of the deaths we know of. Your claim is utterly untrue.

4) "Cases are not important, # of deaths is important." As I wrote earlier, "Sure, Scomo. A survivor, post double-lung transplant, debilitating strokes with severe, permanent brain damage, and a leg amputation has had an *unimportant* disease. Sure. Ditto all the "long Covid" cases.

"Cases are not important, # of deaths is important," is a bizarrely stupid statement, even considering the source."

The statement remains bizarre, stupid, and untrue.

5) "Live your life and let your immune system save you, it’s far more sophisticated than any man made vaccine." This is bizarre advice, Vaccines *recruit* that very sophisticated and powerful immune system. Do you have the same dangerous advice for measles, mumps, rubella? Polio? Pertussis? Tetanus? Varicella-zoster? Rabies?

Freakin' *rabies*?


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] for Joe.


The sky is falling.....the sky is falling!


Abbot is calling in medical personnel from outside Texas. He's calling for end of most elective procedures, to free up beds. Tent hospitals are going up. Babies are airlifted out of Houston for lack of beds. Rates of infection are accelerating faster than ever before.

Skies don't fall.

But asteroids do.

"Hospitalizations across the United States have soared past the peak seen in last summer’s Sun Belt surge, straining resources in hotspot states, such as Texas, which have resisted renewing pandemic restrictions. Current hospitalizations for the virus passed 68,000 nationwide on Monday — well over last summer’s high of about 66,000 — as daily new admissions approached 15,000.

In Texas, where the latest state data shows nearly 9,500 people are currently hospitalized with covid-19, Abbott announced that out-of-state health-care workers would come to assist. Intensive care units in Houston resemble a “war zone,” a doctor there told the local ABC affiliate. A hospital system there is preparing huge tents to treat an overflow of patients, according to CNN.

Florida and Louisiana on Monday also reported hospitalizations at all-time records. In Arkansas, Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) said Monday that only eight ICU beds were open statewide and that the state hit its largest single-day increase in hospitalizations."


And the fun never seems to stop:


The Oregon Health Authority reported 496 people with confirmed cases of COVID-19 were hospitalized Friday. That includes a record breaking 135 people in intensive care, a new high point since the beginning of the pandemic.

The agency also said the number of new cases was an undercount due to technical issues that created a backlog of unprocessed reports.

The Oregon Health Authority no longer reports cases, deaths and hospitalizations over the weekend. New numbers won’t be available until Monday.


30 U.S. states reported over 1,000 new coronavirus cases yesterday. That doesn't include Iowa and South Dakota which no longer report daily Covid cases.


Cases are not important, # of deaths is important.


Cases lag deaths by about 2-weeks. Cases lag infection by about 2-weeks. That's why we won't see all the deaths until the end of the month from the Douglas County Super Spreader Fair.


Oops. Deaths lag cases by 2-weeks.


We’ll have to see what the numbers are. I hope they’re low, there have been multiple reports that the delta strain (if that’s what this is) is less thermal than the alpha strain, then there have reports to the contrary. We’re really at the point of nit being able to believe anyone, especially the corrupt CDC. Hopefully there are few deaths and few hospitalizations.


Sure, Scomo. A survivor, post double-lung transplant, debilitating strokes with severe, permanent brain damage, and a leg amputation has had an *unimportant* disease. Sure. Ditto all the "long Covid" cases.

"Cases are not important, # of deaths is important," is a bizarrely stupid statement, even considering the source.

Ms. Pellegrino-Reid

I have had both vaccines, had one day of mild side effects. As a cancer survivor I am used to wearing masks to protect myself when my immune system was zero at one time. If you want scientific data that wearing a mask now is reasonable, then look at John Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School , Oxford University they are showing data on the variant.

It is inconvenient to wear masks, I get it, it is super inconvenient to die. In the words of my Irish Grandmother, "cover all bases". Even though I am vaccinated, this variant is more viruelnt than the Polio RNA driven virus, Covid 19 and it's variant(s) are more virulent than Polio. You can become a carrier of the variant, that is now a fact, you might have mild to no symptoms, you are none the less a carrier. At this point and from the beginning of this pandemic, this is not a political issue, it is not a point to argue about your constitutional rights to unmask or mask, it is down to integrity and conscience. Do you want to be the cause of one more person thrashing in agony or put in induced comas to cope with not being able to breath. How much graphic imagery do you need to just put on your mask and mutter under your breath how much you resent wearing a mask, but at the same time, have the conscience to protect everyone around you? I can put my head on my pillow at night how about you? I will mask until I am assured I am not going to pose a threat to any human especially those who have dug in their heels they want more to be right than humanitarian and conscious of our cause and effect on one another. Ms. Reid


[thumbup]Ms. Reid


Ms. Reid,

Why have you written you don't want to be a threat to, "especially those who have dug in their heels they want more to be right than humanitarian and conscious of our cause and effect on one another." Why are you singling those out who have largely ignored the plight of their fellow human being as deserving more than those of us who have been following the science and all of the recommendations of our public health experts?


What can we do?

1. Get vaccinated, and cool your jets until the protection kicks in.

2. Wear masks around other people again, especially if you think you might have it or you've been around others who were affected. For this to work, everyone should be expected to mask up.

It can't be wished away or cursed away -- we simply need to do the simple things that common sense dictates.


From what I've read, this delta variant is MUCH more transmittable because it generates more virus particles than previous variants and less particles are needed to become infected. Granted masks may have been effective for the alpha variant, how do we know masks even work for this new variant? There hasn't been any studies I've heard about.

My wife and I have always wore a mask until we did our part and were vaccinated. I'm at the point where I don't feel I should be forced to wear a mask because others in our community didn't do their part and my risk of death is low. Convince me otherwise.


I read in the Oregonian that one in five of people infected with delta had been vaccinated.


I'll need more than that. And I'm not sure what that has to do with wearing masks. What if it turns out all of the vaccinated infected were wearing masks? I'd like to understand how effective masks are in preventing delta. I'd like to understand the science. Just because masks may have been effective in preventing alpha doesn't necessarily mean masks will likewise be effective against delta. Convince me otherwise.


Your body, your life, your choice. Not my job to persuade you to wear a mask.


Just like its not my job to persuade you to obey the speed limits.


melrose, it's not his body, his life. It's his potentially covid infested nose spraying delta virus all over everyone unless he wraps it up. With delta, vaccinated people can be infected and not realize it, but their noses are like machine guns spraying delta virus at unvaccinated people who might get sick, infect many others, be hospitalized and die.

If you're vaccinated you wear a mask in public because you're not a selfish monster who doesn't care if other people live or die as long as you're safe and comfortable.

Last year, in Cedar Rapids, a man who failed to wrap it up was sentenced to 26 years in prison for infecting 3 people with HIV. In the last 35 years, about 700,000 people in the US have died of AIDS. In the last year and a half, over 600,000 in the US have died of covid.

Right now, with delta variant, refusing to wear a mask in public, even if you're vaccinated, is like raw dogging it with the world. Anyone need more details on how that works?



I do need more details. Like I said before, please point to ANY studies you know of that indicate masks prevent the spread of DELTA Covid. You can't, because there aren't any...yet. There is no science one way or another…yet. It's just your opinion at this point. Let me know when there is science to back up your opinion and I'll consider following it.

I've been following the science for 18 months. Like some, I've lost touch with family and friends, scrubbed trips, put off visits to the gym, cancelled concert tickets, vacations and fishing trips, all while doing the right thing. I figure I've missed out on over a year of my life following the science.

Now that I've finally been vaccinated and finally have a chance of resuming normal life once again, I don’t see anything wrong with that. That was the point of getting vaccinated.

And now you start with the name calling as usual. YOU condemn me for being a “selfish monster” for merely questioning the effectiveness of mask wearing. Meanwhile, Delta is spinning out of control because certain “other people” won’t get vaccinated and finally put an end to Covid by achieving herd immunity. New, more deadly variants continue to be generated because these “other people” anti-vaxxers provide the perfect hosts to perpetuate this pandemic. Why haven’t I read you calling these “other people” monsters in any of your previous comments? Why?

For over a year we’ve both been reading and responding to comments of “other people” who say it is “their choice” to NOT wear a mask and NOT get vaccinated, despite the science. I have respected their choice even when their defiance placed my wife and me in danger, even when it was contrary to the science. Though I didn’t agree with their choice, not once did I call them a “monster.”


Mike: Actually, I specifically said you're NOT a monster.

I find it highly unlikely that you've missed the WHO and CDC guidelines that say fully vaccinated people should continue to wear masks in order to protect the unvaccinated, including children who can't be vaccinated yet. Or people like sectorstar's dad, who can't be vaccinated because his cancer medication doesn't allow his body to make antibodies from vaccines. We continue to wear masks to protect others from us. It was all over the news less than two weeks ago.

I can't believe you don't already know that. The CDC guidance particularly applies to Douglas County.

"In communities with growing caseloads, vaccinated and unvaccinated people should return to wearing masks indoors in public areas, health officials said."

That's us. A community with a growing caseload.

News reports:


I highly recommend that you and other interested people read the 1987 book, "And the Band Played On," by journalist Randy Shilts. It's about the AIDS epidemic but much of what he reports about the politics of dealing with a pandemic certainly applies to covid in the present day.


I know what the CDC guidance is. However, the CDC has been all over the map with their mask recommendations. You can't tell me YOU don't know their masking science hasn't been called into question.

Like I said, point me to the study that indicates masks are an effective protection from Delta variant.


We're with you!


We were one of the first people to wear masks. Got the poke. Quit wearing them. I don't think we were intended to breathe in our own carbon dioxide.


Mike, sometimes you crawl into an ally so far that you forget how to get out. Going on two years now, the general scientific consensus is that wearing a mask helps to contain or reduce the wearer's amount of exhaled particles.

Clearly you've looked on the all-powerful Internet for a study, and you've told us all it doesn't exist; I believe you. Perhaps one reason is that it's generally understood that the virus size is about the same, so particle filtering is not a question worthy of a study.

It's also clear to me that the current spike in cases is because a large section of our local population doesn't care to practice safety anymore. They hated masks (and who doesn't), or for whatever reason are pretending it will never hurt them, so they are "done with it." I think it's clear that caution was working, and masks were a large part of that caution, and that we should prepare for again -- at least if you want to help reduce the illnesses.




Well stay away from young children then- they can't get vaccinated.




Mike, I share your outrage that the anti-vax idiots and the maskoles ruined our recovery. But the virus does not care about your virtuous behavior, or mine. I mean, I know you know this; I'm just saying that we have to keep up the burdensome behaviors, even in the face of continued defiant ignorance (Sturgis, the county fair and superspreader festival, Florida, et al.).

You'll not see any gold standard, prospective, interventional studies on masks and Delta; such studies would be unethical. It might be possible to get some observational data, but it's gonna be soft and delayed.

Just in terms of biologic plausibility, since Delta is more infectious, you'd expect a higher mask failure rate--as you articulate--but no reason that the success rate (for preventing transmission) would go to zero; similarly, if 6' was kinda sorta good for Alpha, you're gonna need more distance, but something short of a furlong, for Delta--but again, it's a matter of probabilities, not certainties.

I hate masking, too. Gonna do it, though. I hope you will.

Thanks for all the work and thought you put into all this.



Interesting web site/thesis. Now my head hurts from too much math.


Below is the history of Douglas County record new cases and the day they were reported. I’ve also indicated the date our County Commissioners disbanded the County Covid Response Team and stopped issuing daily press releases indicating new cases, hospitalizations and deaths. This happened 10 days after Oregon’s Governor delegated Covid restriction control to individual County Commissioners.


November 17--------37

November 21--------38

February 4------------44

July 9-------------------Douglas County Response Team disbanded.

July 27-----------------58

July 29-----------------66

July 31-----------------71

August 3--------------91

August 6-------------106

Our County Commissioners version of Covid restrictions is to stop talking about it in hopes it will go away. Unfortunately, the records for cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to accelerate as they keep their heads in the sand or somewhere else.


It's important to look on the bright side: two weeks from now, and a month from now, today's numbers will look a lot better.

--Just as 2021's summer's temperatures will look terrific in 2050.


Saw your comment about a hypothetical person who survives cancer and many other major medical problems only to succumb to the virus. You intimate that I gloss over the fate of that hypothetical person by claiming that the weak are victims of this virus. I suppose that was meant to be an insult, but you stumbled all over your bleeding heaht. Anyone with that complex a medical history could easily be killed by the common influenza or the common cold. Like most progressives you refuse to accept that death is part of life. Here’s a news flash for ya - nobody’s getting out of this alive, we’re all going to die, something will kill us eventually. We can’t allow a virus that is about as deadly as the common influenza to allow fascist governments to destroy individual freedom. But fools like you will play right into their hands sniveling and begging for another day of life, even if you are forced to live it as a quivering slave on your knees. We can’t vaccine our way out of this, nine billion people will never be fully vaccinated and even after that, some new strain will come along and make those vaccines useless. Live your life and let your immune system save you, it’s far more sophisticated than any man made vaccine. In the greater sense, we need to hold those responsible for this disaster accountable. Fauci and NIH, and of course the CCP. Fauci is a quizzing, this was an act of war, time to hold their feet to the fire! The CCP is working in collaboration with US universities to develop even more deadly fkaviviruses to lose on the world. They must be stopped!


Hi Joey,

Saw your latest reply, whoa! Looks like I’m living in your head rent free. Did you stay up all night composing that opus magnus? Poah guy! Try to get some rest, I think you need it. Here’s the one thing I’ll respond to, yes vaccines mimic an infection to tweak your immune system into producing antibodies to fight a disease, but it’s your immune system that does the fighting. The Pfizer “vaccine” used in Israel is a mRNA based drug the same as the Moderna drug. Neither one is a vaccine they’re experimental biological agents. The only vaccine currently being used against SARS-CoV-2 is the J&J vaccine which is based on a genetically altered deactivated virus. That wasn’t used in Israel or the UK where Pfizer vaccinated people are catching the delta variant.

Chill out pal, I told you from the beginning this plannedemic has been a hoax all along. If not then why did Obama have hundreds of unmasked pals at his 60th birthday celebration on the Vinyed on Sat. It was a “masks and antisocial distancing are for the little people” moment. I’ll bet the quizzing Fauci was theyah


A RECORD BREAKING 106 new coronavirus cases (not 108) were reported in Douglas County today by the County Commissioners Recovery Team (Response Team which was disbanded one month ago). This record has been broken 5 of the last 11 days as cases continue to surge with our County Commissioners doing nothing different in the way of Covid restrictions to stem the increase in expected deaths even though they were delegated the authority to do so by the Governor.

Douglas County has reported a mind boggling 449 new Covid Cases over the past 7-days. Yet, out County Commissioners appear willing to let people die rather than use the power they were granted to impose Covid restrictions.

There is also a record breaking 31 Douglas County resident hospitalized today even though 7 of the previous hospitalized residents have died in the past 8 days.

Though the News-Review was kind enough to publish this article today in the on-line version, most Douglas County residents who receive the paper won't find out about the surging cases, hospitalizations and deaths until the Sunday paper comes out since there is no Saturday paper. By then, most of the weekend SUPER SPREADER events like the County Fair and local music events will likely have done their damage and infected several hundred more unsuspecting residents. Expect to see increasing deaths before the end of the month. Totally avoidable with proper leadership.

The Commissioners Recovery Team reported 736 coronavirus cases over the past two weeks which calculates to a 14-day case rate of 655.7 today for Douglas County, which is MUCH greater than the maximum case rate of 200 previously required for in-dining restaurants, bars, theaters and health clubs to remain open. These are AGAIN all new records.

The Commissioners Recovery Team reported 736 coronavirus cases and the OHA reported Douglas County received 3,612 test results over the past two weeks. Dividing 736 cases by 3,612 test results gives Douglas County a 14-day positive test rate of 20.4% today. AGAIN, these are all new records.


The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported a record 380 new coronavirus cases and 3 deaths today. The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported a RECORD 2,507 cases and 20 deaths over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 980 new coronavirus cases and 4 deaths today in Oregon. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is 8.4% today.


Douglas County had 11% of new cases reported today in Oregon despite having less than 3% of the state's population.


Mike, the only mask that can prevent a person from inhaling the virus is the N95 mask. Studies have shown that it captures 99.8% of virus particles. Paper and cloth masks are useless, virus particles are 0.1 micron in size. Last year the Oregon health Dept. advised that paper and cloth masks would not protect the wearer from the smoke that permeated the air in Douglas and Lane counties from horrendous fires we experienced. Wood smoke particles are on average 1 micron in diameter. So, if these idiotic masks won’t stop smoke they sure as heck won’t stop the virus. The delta strain is the fourth of many more to come. Vaccines won’t stop it because there are 9 billion people on the planet with more coming everyday. You can’t vaccinate everybody. India alone has 1.4 billion people. The delta strai appears to have originated there, do you seriously believe that India will vaccinate all her people? I’m afraid that this Fauci/CCP engineered bug will be with us from now on, your best defense is to eat right, don’t abuse your body and let your amazing immune system handle the situation. The weak will succumb as always, that’s the history of life on this planet.


My dad was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma cancer a couple years ago. Thankfully his meds proved to be highly effective and has been in remission for about 6 months now. He expressed interest in getting a covid vaccine recently. The problem is the way his meds attack and change things in his body, if he were to get a vaccine of any kind right now, it'd be wiped out before it could do any lasting help to fight off covid. He would have to be off his meds for about two weeks for a vaccine to do what it needed to do.

Being in remission his latest lab results and blood work checked out and his dr have him the green light if he wanted to try getting off his meds. After just one day as he put it his symptoms "came back with a vengeance" and you could tell he was just miserable. After three days he finally said he had enough and his dr recommended he should probably get back on his meds. After just one day of being back on them it was like a night and day difference with him.

Basically what he learned was that unless a better treatment or meds come out in the future hes probably going to be on those meds for the rest of his life and that he won't be able to get any vaccines because as long as hes on those meds he may as well be injecting himself with sugar water. Since this has all started he hasn't gone out much aside from drive thrus at pharmacies or fast food occassionally. Most grocery shopping is done with instacart. He recently turned 63 so hes not quite at the age yet where I worry that he might die in his sleep from old age like my elderly grandparents, but hes certainly not getting any younger. I wonder if the day will ever come where he'll be able to eat in a restraunt again with no fear or worry. He hasn't done that in over a year since this all started, and with the way things are, it may not be for a very long time with the direction we're heading. I blame the actions of worthless leaders like Heard and Boice for how downhill this county has gone.


sectorstar, I'm so glad your dad's medication is working and he's doing well. You tell an important story here of why it's important for all of us who can get vaccinated should get vaccinated. We have family, friends, neighbors and strangers around us with serious medical conditions that means they have no immunity. We need to care about the people we don't even know. I hope your dad's recovery from lymphoma continues smoothly.

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