Four Douglas County residents have reportedly died from COVID-19 complications, raising the death toll in the county to 240.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Team reported Wednesday that three of those who died were unvaccinated. Oregon Vital Records notified the county of one of the deaths, which actually occurred Sept. 18.

There were 88 new positive COVID-19 cases reported Wednesday, including 42 Tuesday and 46 Friday. There have been 11,725 total positive coronavirus cases in Douglas County.

Forty-one county residents were hospitalized as of Tuesday, including 29 locally. At CHI Mercy Medical Center, six patients were in the intensive care unit while five others were in the progressive care unit.

The recovery team also announced that a new traveling vaccination clinic is up and running in the vacant parking lot near the intersection of Northeast Fowler Street and Northeast Diamond Lake Boulevard.

The clinic operates from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. daily and will continue through Oct. 22 before transferring to Reedsport to serve coastal residents.

There is no pre-registration for the drive-thru clinic, which is providing services to anyone age 12 or older. Anyone age 12-14 must have permission from a parent or guardian to receive services at the clinic.

First and second doses of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are available, as well as the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Pfizer third “booster” doses will also be provided.

The drive-thru clinic also provides COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction — better known as PCR — testing to detect traces of the coronavirus. This is not a rapid test, and patients can expect to get results within three or four days after being tested.

Flu shots are also available.

For more information, contact the Douglas County COVID-19 Hotline at 541-464-6550.


There was plenty of good news for Douglas County when the Oregon Health Authority released its weekly outbreak report Wednesday.

The report, which covers senior care and assisted and congregated living facilities, workplaces, childcare and K-12 schools, showed only one significant jump in COVID-19 cases from last week’s report.

According to the health authority, Chantele’s Loving Touch Memory Care in Sutherlin had 19 new positive COVID-19 cases — raising its total to 47 since an outbreak was first reported Aug. 25 — as well as two COVID-19-related deaths.

No other Douglas County senior care, assisted living or congregate living facility reported new cases over the past week, according to the health authority.

Only three new cases total were reported for Douglas County workplaces, with Roseburg Forest Products Dillard Plywood adding two cases for a total of 46 and Harbor Wholesale adding one for a total of 17. All other Douglas County workplaces on the “active outbreak” list saw no new cases, while four — Costco Wholesale in Roseburg, Wildlife Safari in Winston, C&D Lumber in Riddle and Umpqua Valley Ambulance Service — were transitioned to the health authority’s “resolved” list.

The only active K-12 outbreaks reported by the health authority were at Milo Adventist Academy (34 total cases) and South Umpqua High School (six).

Donovan Brink can be reached at and 541-957-4219.

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Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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Cam Newton reportedly received COVID-19 vaccine in attempt to get back in NFL. After being released by the Patriots and not being picked up by any other NFL team, the three-time Pro Bowler decided he wants to be back in the NFL after all.


A Washington State physician’s assistant who mounted a “public campaign touting the use of ivermectin” for treating COVID had his license suspended by the state medical commission.


Citizen 495

Demorats have threatened you for not wearing a mask? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least since they are threatening tens of thousands of health workers in hospitals with dismissal if they don’t get vaccinated. These are the same people who were heroes in 2020 for going to work and risking exposure and death when there were no vaccines. That’s demorats for ya, hero one day goat the next when you’re simply following your conscience. Maybe it’s time we all stopped stigmatizing our fellow Americans.


Pot meet kettle.


"1 more person has died related to COVID-19 in Douglas County, 86 more people have received new positive test results, and 2 more are presumptive, as of Friday."


A new study by the University of Michigan revealed that Michigan schools without any mask mandates in place have 61 percent more COVID-19 cases.


Another Covid death reported today, bringing the total to 241. Douglas County remains the 4th highest county in Oregon for per capita Covid deaths.


Here’s why religious exemptions are valid


Scomo, here's why not:


A teacher friend of mine who requested and received an exemption from the vaccine mandate from her school board told me EVERY exemption application was approved by her school board because they don’t want to lose any teachers. Is that what everyone else is seeing/hearing?


At 3:00 into the radio interview (below link) Roseburg Public Schools Superintendent Jared Cordon said ALL religious exceptions to the state’s mask mandate were accepted.


Multnomah County reported 92% of its 5,601 employees mandated to receive a coronavirus vaccine by the county’s Monday deadline have done so, which is probably why Multnomah County is one of the lowest per capita death counties in Oregon, despite being the most populous.

Douglas County has NO similar vaccine mandate for its county workers which are probably one of the reasons why Douglas County has close to the highest per capita Covid deaths of any county in Oregon.


10 Douglas County schools reported 16 new Covid Cases over the past week. This information is provided by the Oregon Health Authority Outbreak report that is published every Wednesday. Covid cases that occurred in the last week were determined by comparing yesterday’s Outbreak report to the previous week’s Outbreak report. Below is the list of those 10 Douglas County schools and the number of new cases reported by each school.






Camas Valley-----------------------2------10/1/21

Glide Elementary------------------2------10/4/21

Glide High---------------------------1------10/2/21

Glide Middle------------------------1------9/27/21

Highland Elementary-------------3------10/1/21

Lincoln Middle---------------------1------10/2/21

North Douglas Elementary------1------10/1/21

North Douglas High---------------1------10/1/21

Riddle High--------------------------3------10/8/21

Winchester Elementary----------1------10/3/21



Working at a job that deals with the general public for 11 years now, one thing I noticed right away is the typical IQ level and overall common sense level with the people here isn't very high. After Trump became president, and than at the start of Covid, I noticed an even further alarming decrease with the two.

The last few weeks at Costco we've been having issues with keeping some things instock. Its not anywhere near the start of the pandemic where we literally went MONTHS without the item, but at times we may go a few days to a week without certain items. Despite what many people believe that its due to hoarding or "shortages", theres literally SEVERAL 1000 units of the items at our depots. The issue is there simply isn't enough truck drivers right now to drive the trucks to deliver the items from the depot, stores, etc. The company thats contracted by Costco to deliver things for us, one of the regular truck drivers thats drove for us for years told me recently that they have several positions open, its just a matter of people flat out not applying. Last week we ran out of paper products for a few days because our delivery we had scheduled was canceled due to there just flat out not having a driver to drive the truck that day.

Yesterday was a particular head scratching day for me with dealing with the people here. Once again we had ran out of paper products, so acourse many people were irate about that. An older woman who I would say was probably late 60/early 70s with no mask on asked me why we had no toilet paper today. Told her it was due to shortage of truck drivers lately so deliveries are not being met on time. She let out a big huff and goes "Thank you Biden!" While there have been some policies under Biden that haven't helped with the whole people not wanting to work thing, the start of what created a lot of this was the first stimulus check which happened while Trump was still president......but hey if your unhappy, the best thing to do is here is simply just blame a democrat based on the behaviors I've observed over the years from people living here.

Several other people also "thought" or tried to tell me the reason we didn't have toilet paper/paper towels was because it was caught in over seas shipping or due to the shipping cargo thing going on in CA right now. While I won't deny that has played havoc with some of our inventory and for other stores, it has absolutely nothing to do with toilet paper not being delivered on time as American toilet paper is not made, nor does it come from over seas! The Costco brand toilet paper is made in the Seattle area, while Charmin products are made in Idaho just over the state border. The response from a couple of them was simply "Huh?" as if I had explained advanced rocket science to them. Its scary when you realize people that think like this are doing things like voting.




What scares me is people like you who undoubtedly voted for “His Fraudulency” thinking he was competent and coherent. And then you believed that he actually won the election. All I can say is Let’s go Brandon!


And people like you are a prime example of whats wrong with this world today. Beings I said something you didn't like or agreed with, you just automatically assumed that I must be the opposite political party of who you support.

Fun Fact: I didn't vote in the last 2 elections, nor am I registered to either political party. Both sides in my opinion have been acting like morons at times the last few years, but the local republicans here do give me some entertainment with seeing how they behave as of late.


[thumbup] I share your what I assume is disgust at both corrupt parties but I am registered nonaffiliated and vote third party or will write in a name for some elections. While I find both parties corrupt, I do feel one party is less interested in providing for the common good at this time and it’s def not the party that encouraged folks to harass and threaten me for wearing a mask.


You no playa the game you no right to complain.

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