Seven more Douglas County residents have died due to complications related to COVID-19, the county’s response team reported Wednesday.

There were five deaths reported to the county Tuesday and two Wednesday, raising the county’s death toll to 229 since the start of the pandemic. Four of those who died, ranging from ages 64 to 77, were not vaccinated. The remaining three, all in their 80s, were fully vaccinated.

The county reported 61 new positive and presumptive COVID-19 cases Tuesday and 59 Wednesday. Forty-six county residents were hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms, 27 locally and 19 out of the area, including one who has been transferred out-of-state for specialized care. Of those hospitalized, 43 were reportedly not fully vaccinated.

At CHI Mercy Medical Center, 12 patients were on ventilators as of Wednesday, while eight were receiving non-invasive breathing assistance. There were nine COVID-19-positive patients in the hospital’s intensive care unit and two in the progressive care unit. Of all patients currently being cared for at Mercy, 24% are COVID-19 positive cases.

As COVID-19 cases have continued to climb, there has been moderately good news in Douglas County, according to the Oregon Health Authority’s weekly outbreak report released Wednesday.

Among senior care and congregate living facilities, three — Timber Town Living in Sutherlin, Brookdale Senior Living in Roseburg and the Roseburg VA River House — have been temporarily moved to the authority’s “resolved” list, meaning each of those facilities has gone 28 days without a new reported positive COVID-19 case. After 28 days with no further new cases, those three facilities, as well as any other “resolved” case, would be removed from the list.

Among the active cases in such facilities, Riverview Terrace had five new reported cases for a total of nine, Chantele’s Loving Touch Memory Care in Sutherlin had three new cases for a total of 28, Rose Haven Nursing Center in Roseburg had three new cases for a total of 24, and Ashley Manor in Roseburg added two cases for a total of seven.

Two Douglas County businesses — Kowloon Restaurant and Evergreen Medical Center, both in Roseburg — have been transitioned to the “resolved” list.

Active cases and Douglas County workplaces included:

  • Roseburg Forest Products Dillard Plywood, two new cases, 44 total (most recent reported Sept. 30)
  • Roseburg Forest Products Riddle Engineered Wood, no new, 42 total (Sept. 21)
  • Costco Wholesale in Roseburg, one new, 27 total (Sept. 11)
  • Orenco Systems, Sutherlin, no new, 23 total (Sept. 21)
  • Walmart in Roseburg, no new, 18 total (Sept. 22)
  • Harbor Wholesale in Roseburg, three new, 16 total (Sept. 23)
  • Caddock Electronics in Glide, one new, 15 total (Sept. 25)
  • Fred Meyer in Roseburg, two new, 13 total (Sept. 27)
  • Umpqua Dairy in Roseburg, no new, 11 total (Sept. 17)
  • Wildlife Safari in Winston, no new, 10 total (Sept. 12)
  • Sherm’s Thunderbird in Roseburg, no new, nine total (Sept. 22)

C&D Lumber in Riddle, no new, eight total (Sept. 8)

  • Umpqua Valley Ambulance Service, no new, eight total (Sept. 16)

Among Douglas County’s K-12 schools, a total of 40 have appeared on the health authority’s list since Sept. 9, but only two are considered “active” by the Oregon Health Authority. Combining students, staff and volunteers, Milo Adventist Academy has reported a total of 34 cases, while South Umpqua High School reportedly had six new cases as of Sept. 29.

Donovan Brink can be reached at and 541-957-4219.

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Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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(15) comments


How is this NOT misinformation published by the News-Review. I quote:

"Among Douglas County’s K-12 schools, a total of 40 have appeared on the health authority’s list since Sept. 9, but only two are considered “active” by the Oregon Health Authority. Combining students, staff and volunteers, Milo Adventist Academy has reported a total of 34 cases, while South Umpqua High School reportedly had six new cases as of Sept. 29."

If you compare this week's OHA Outbreak Report to last week's Outbreak Report, you will find that 116 MORE Covid cases at 41 different Douglas County schools were identified by the OHA in just the past week. None of this was mentioned in the News-Review article above. Please show me where I am wrong.


And another 5 deaths were reported today, bringing Douglas County's total to 236 avoidable deaths.


A judge on Thursday rejected a request by 33 Oregon State Police troopers asking him to temporarily stop a mandate from taking effect that requires them to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Oct. 18.


2 more DEATHS were reported in Douglas County by the Oregon Health Authority, bringing Douglas County’s total to 231 deaths.

A RECORD 59 deaths were reported in Oregon today by the Oregon Health Authority (below link). This breaks the previous record of 54 deaths set on January 12, 2021.

Oregon reported a RECORD low 338 non-ICU hospital beds available throughout the state of Oregon, breaking the previous record of 340 beds available on August 14.

This is counter intuitive. I thought more beds would be available after so many deaths.


PARENTS who have children in a Douglas County School should be concerned. The Oregon Health Authority Weekly Outbreak Report (below link) lists schools with Covid outbreaks. This week’s October 6 Outbreak Report listed 43 Douglas County Schools that reported Covid cases in the last 28 days. That is almost double the number of Schools listed in the previous Outbreak report on September 29.

Below is the number of Douglas County Schools listed as having an outbreak for each of the last seven published Outbreak Reports.




October 6-----------------43

September 29--------—23

September 22-----------19

September 15-----------18

September 9-------------13

September 1--------------7

August 25------------------5

August 18------------------5


PARENTS with school children should be concerned. The below 41 Douglas County Schools reported 116 more Covid cases in this week’s October 6 OHA Outbreak Report than were reported in the previous week’s outbreak report on September 29.





Brockway Elementary---------6------------6--------9/22/21


Coffenberry Middle-------------4------------2--------9/15/21

Days Creek Charter-------------8------------6--------9/17/21

Douglas High---------------------5------------5--------9/21/21

East Sutherlin Primary---------3------------2--------9/12/21

Eastwood Elementary---------7------------3--------9/28/21

Elkton Charter--------------------1------------1--------9/15/21

Fir Grove Elementary--------10------------6---------9/17/21

Fullerton IV Elementary-------2-----------2---------9/25/21

Glendale SD 77------------------4------------4---------9/22/21

Glide High-------------------------3-----------3---------9/25/21

Glide Middle----------------------3-----------2---------9/27/21

Green Elementary---------------2-----------2---------9/10/21

Highland Elementary-----------4-----------2---------9/29/21

Hucrest Elementary-------------3----------3----------9/19/21

John C. Fremont Middle--------5----------5----------9/30/21

Joseph Lane Middle-------------8-----------5---------9/22/21

Lincoln Middle--------------------3-----------2---------9/20/21

McGovern Elementary---------1-----------1---------9/16/21

Melrose Elementary-------------1-----------1---------9/28/21

Milo Adventist---------------------3-----------2---------9/20/21

Milo Adventist---------------------1------------1---------9/25/21

Myrtle Creek Elementary-------3-----------3---------9/25/21

North Douglas Elementary---21----------2----------9/20/21

Oakland Elementary-------------2----------0----------9/20/21

Oakland High----------------------6----------4----------9/18/21


Reedsport Community----------6----------4----------9/18/21

Riddle Elementary----------------3-----------3---------9/26/21

Riddle High School---------------5-----------4----------9/28/21

Roseburg Christian---------------5-----------5---------9/20/21

Roseburg High---------------------2-----------2---------9/27/21

South Umpqua High-------------1-----------1---------9/29/21

South Umpqua High-------------2-----------1---------9/17/21

Sunnyslope Elementary---------1-----------1---------9/22/21

Sutherlin High----------------------2-----------2--------9/10/21

Sutherlin Middle------------------1-----------1---------9/9/21

Tri City Elementary---------------2-----------2---------9/26/21

West Sutherlin---------------------1-----------1---------9/16/21

Winchester Elementary---------1-----------1---------9/29/21

Winston Middle-----------------34-----------4---------10/1/21

Yoncalla High-----------------------6-----------0---------9/10/21




Well it's official! More people have died from covid under Biden's presidency in 2021 to date than in all of 2020. What is disturbing is that the vast majority of the population has gotten vaccinated in 2021 and still more deaths. Can't wait to read some of the lame excuses!


Well it's official! Twice as many Douglas County residents have died from covid under the last three months leadership from our Douglas County Commissioner's than the previous 18 months of leadership under Governor Kate Brown. What is disturbing is that only 47.6% of Douglas County's population has gotten vaccinated in 2021 which is causing still more deaths. Don't need to wait to hear the lame excuses because they are happening all the time!


FedUp: it's true, tragic, and a bit misleading that 2021 deaths are higher than 2020; and it's going to get even worse, mostly because of vax-deniers and resisters.

57% of the U.S. population have been vaccinated; I would not call that "the vast majority of the population"--but yours is a non-quantitative assertion.

The fact is that of people in the U.S. who die of COVID-19, between 0.2% and 6% are fully vaccinated, depending on which state. And, as I've pointed out before,

the better the vaccination rate, the higher proportion of deaths will be those who were vaccinated; and that is a feature of the simple arithmetic, not a weakness of the vaccine. The vaccine is likely >95% effective at preventing death from COVID-19.


So it's 60/40 as to whether or not the vaccines work, eh?


No, Wretched722, no. As I've written on these pages, there is a simple formula for efficacy, and there is a seeming paradox that is a trap for the unwary and the malicious: As vaccination rates rise, a higher and higher proportion of people with disease will be among the vaccinated.

Here is what I wrote, and what I've addressed to you in particular, in my futile efforts to combat adamantine, mulish ignorance:

Vaccines work. Math works, in life, medicine, baseball, the known universe.

Imagine a county rather like Douglas County: 100,000 people eligible for COVID vaccine; half unvaccinated, half vaccinated.

What would people hospitalized with COVID look like if the vaccine were utterly ineffective? Simple: half the patients were vaccinated, half unvaccinated. (Apparent paradox below*)

What did we see, as of Aug. 20?: 55 patients unvaccinated, and six vaccinated.

So, how effective was the vaccine at keeping people from being hospitalized? There's a simple formula for that: VE=((ARU-ARV)/ARU)/ARU, where VE=Vaccine efficacy, ARU=Attack rate unvaccinated people, ARV=Attack rate vaccinated people.

Plugging in Douglas numbers, ((55/50,000)-(6/50,000)/(55//50,000)=.89=89% vaccine effectiveness keeping people out of hospital.

Eighty-nine percent effective.

Imagine you're a baseball manager with a designated hitter, batting average .890 — more than twice as good as Ty Cobb's lifetime .366. Would you decline to use that DH because he's effective "only" 89% of the time? Not if you understand simple math.

((Nerds only: calculation above assumes hospital stays are of similar length among vaccinated and unvaccinated, ignores subgroup analysis by age, SES, etc., but is a useful tool. Other confounders: mask wearing, other measures differ between the vaccinated and unvaccinated; early vaccinated populations are different from later populations. And so on--enough confounders and caveats to keep epidemiologists and their computers busy; but right now, the numbers across the country indicate about 85-90% efficacy at keeping people out of hospital, and 90-95% at keeping people alive.))

*Apparent (but not real) paradox: in a population 100% vaccinated with a 99% effective vaccine, every hospitalized patient will have been vaccinated, and that "paradox" will be used by deniers. But it's just math. As immunization rates go up, so does the proportion of the vaccinated in hospital. Check out the links. (subsequent post, because links sometimes result in deletion)

And get vaccinated. Because, math. And life.


As usual, your math is off. 124 Douglas County residents have died since August 20 (49 days ago), when the Douglas County Public Health Network began reporting the vaccination status of residents who died of Covid. Below are the vaccination statistics for those 124 Douglas County Covid deaths, not including an infant who died on September 6.



Fully Vaccinated------18----------14.6%--------76.6

Not Vaccinated-------105---------85.4%--------67.2


Since Mikey and Joey are the only ones commenting maybe they should text or email their comment to each other and spare the rest of us their blather.


Cases appear to be decreasing locally, nationally, and internationally (within the developed world). Deaths are a lagging indicator. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: exponential decay is our friend. Keep vaccinating, masking, distancing, and using other appropriate measures until this sucker is crushed. Keep your own R0 near zip.


Let me add: I'm not saying, "This is fine." It is horrible. At this point in time most of those deaths were utterly avoidable; so are almost all of the Covid deaths to come. Things are getting better, but we are a long way from saying, "This is fine," except to express how Hadean these times have been.

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