John Hanlin

John Hanlin

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin poses for a photo in his office in 2015.

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin got caught with his pants down.

In a photo sent to The News-Review, Hanlin, who has served as the county sheriff since 2009, appears pantsless, wearing nothing but a white T-shirt and a black watch while apparently thrusting his waist toward the camera.

A Facebook sticker reading “Lit Saturday” covers the sheriff’s genitals.

Reached Tuesday evening for comment, Hanlin said the photo was taken in private at his own residence. He said the photo was published on a website that mimicked his personal Facebook page and was likely posted by an ex-girlfriend.

“I did not authorize the creation of this second site nor did I authorize the photo that was posted,” he wrote in an email to The News-Review.

Hanlin said he is working to understand how and why the photo was posted and said the situation is “a very private, personal matter and I intend to deal with it in a private manner.”

“I apologize for this distraction,” he wrote.

Sgt. Brad O’Dell with the sheriff’s office wrote in an email “this is a personal matter for the Sheriff. I would refer you to the Sheriff for his comments.”

Hanlin’s full statement can be read below:

From Sheriff John Hanlin regarding fake Facebook site and posted image

I am facing an unusual personal circumstance.

Recently, my girlfriend and I ended our relationship. After the fact, it was brought to my attention that a private photo of me was posted on a Facebook site intended to appear as if the Facebook site was mine. The site was not mine, I have my own separate site which is active today which I use to engage with friends, the community and family. I did not authorize the creation of this second site nor did I authorize the photo that was posted.

Upon learning of this site, I immediately contacted Facebook and had it removed.

I am working to understand how and why this happened and to resolve the issue, but in the meantime, this is a very private, personal matter and I intend to deal with it in a private manner. I apologize for this distraction.


John Hanlin

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(34) comments


OK News Review, it's been 6 days since the story broke I think you've spent enough time on Hanlin.


Life lesson number one. Never, ever, under any circumstances allow someone to take a nude image of you, unless you happen to be an adult film actor, or a baby!!!


Very wise advice!


At least not with your face in it!!

Handy Barker

Sheriff Claims He Packs a .38, But Photo Reveals It's Really Just A .22

Handy Barker

Ex-VP Biden Reports It Burned A Letter from DC Sheriff Hanlin Today and Sanitized Their Hands Afterward.

Handy Barker

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Handy Barker

"Extreme Environmentalists Took My Clothes", Sheriff Claims

Handy Barker

Sandy Hook Victims Retweet Post Exposing Local Sheriff's 'Big Gun' As A Hoax."

Handy Barker

DC Jail Experiences Random Giggles and Impromptu Whistling of "The Stripper" In Response To Sheriff's New Photo Shoot.

Handy Barker

DC Courthouse Installs New Hand Sanitizers In And Around Hanlin's Office.

Handy Barker

Hanlin Considers New Line of Work, Changes Name to "Stormy"...

Shame on the News Review for publishing this non-story, no crime was committed by our Sheriff and it's nobody's business but his. Apparently this publisher has no regard for anybody but themselves, how disgusting.


Mr Cambell is a well known for publishing very disrespectful things. This is the same guy that made an article about the UCC shooting and stated in the article how the families of the victims asked him not to name the shooter, yet after quoting that statement, proceeded to name the shooter FIVE times in his article. Thanks to Mr Cambell I no longer subscribe or support the news review with my money.


John Hanlin, the elected SHERIFF, of Douglas County is a public figure. He is an officer of the law. He is supposed to be an example of decency and good. Yet, he has used his public office for political purposes, supported the Sandy Hook shooting as a conspiracy theory and literally got caught with his pants down in a photograph. Accusing a former girlfriend of the offense is without proof is reprehensible for an officer of the court. Any judge in this County who believes Hanlin's testimony in court does not deserve a seat on the bench. Hanlin is a liar and a smear on the good people in his Department.

Handy Barker

Well, as an NRA member, he always said he was a fan of Open Carry....


Bohica: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland to name a few have vastly superior justice systems than America.


Example? I think YOU should move to one of those ASAP!


Why would anyone in law enforcement feel that posing for a nude photo is remotely a good idea? Mr. Hanlon, twice now you've made very poor decisions, the first was using your professional office for a political purpose and now allowing your little brain to overrule your slightly larger brain. You make bad decisions. You can no longer expect your professional position to be exempt from additional bad decisions. You've efficiently exposed yourself to who you really are.


NJ you obviously did not read the story and failed to accept the details of the facts. Sheriff Hanlin (note the spelling of his name) did not post the photo. I believe his response was appropriate and the angry woman is immature and intent in causing harm on him. Move on indeed. Everyone!


Hanlin denied that the Sandy Hook shootings took place. What does this say about a man who can have anyone he wants killed and most likely get away with it? Our country's justice system is a cesspool.


Know a better one?


This is a good lesson on being selective about your partner.
H*** hath no fury like a woman scorned...
This is an unfortunate story about a very good man and I
only wish the NR had the good sense to ignore it. BUT...
they didn't...


I would have thought that Hanlin would have been smarter than to have any photo taken of him in a compromising act. Like Kruze's internet indiscretions will Hanlin's Facebook antics result in resignation or termination? In this day and age social media kills a lot of reputations, destroys careers and causes actual death.

Biscuits n Gravy

Why would you think he would have been smarter? Come on people of Douglas County, wake up. This guy obviously has issues. And social media doesn’t kill reputations, bad decisions do.


I would have thought Hanlin was smarter than having any photo taken of himself which could be misconstrued. Like Jeff Kruse's internet indiscretions will Hanlin's Facebook conduct lead to a resignation or termination. "Death by social media" is running rampant.


In today's society THAT is very true.


I didn't know Hanlin auditioned for Brokeback Mountain!


As all to often a story that is a NON-story is reported by the News Review, and it brings the brats out in droves for commenting. Too many to name here.


Ujoint is obviously Virgle Osborne BTW




I think i love are a genius
This county is amazing funny...john hanlin says "move along..there is nothing to see here"
lol ....there sure isnt


Yeah. And he said he didn't authorize the anti home rule group to use his photo in the mailings they sent out.


Smedleyb you are an idiot

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