The winter chill on Dec. 10, was met by eager FFA members ready to embrace the day and everything that it had to offer. A total of six FFA chapters around the district came together at Oakland High School to compete in The Veterinary Science Career Development Event. Sutherlin FFA’s Advance Team took the blue first-place banner home and it’s Beginning Team brought the red second-place team banner back. Roseburg FFA placed first in the beginning division and third placing .

In the Vet Science CDE, students work in teams to demonstrate their technical competency with small and large animals by completing a written exam, critical-thinking scenario questions, equipment and breed identifications and hands-on practicums.

“During Vet Science I was able to build on my ability to memorize and work through tough or uncomfortable situations in order to complete the task at hand,” said Rylie Shaver, a Sutherlin junior.

“Going to this vet science competition gave me a new perspective on not just vet science but other CDEs in general. Seeing so many people have confidence in themselves gave me a little boost of confidence as well. I think getting these kinds of experiences will help me feel more confident about doing more CDEs in the future,” said Addison Roberts, a Sutherlin freshman who placed fifth in the beginning competition.

The state CDE will be held in late April at Oregon State University.

Final Results:

Advanced Teams:

1. Sutherlin

2. Glide

3. Roseburg

Beginning Team:

1. Roseburg

2. Sutherlin

3. Glide

Individual Ranking for Advanced:

1. Ashley Radmer-Sutherlin

2. Alexis Cervantes-Sutherlin

3. Kaybie Rutledge-Sutherlin

4. Makaela Carter-Roseburg

5. Jasmine Reeser-Oakland

6. Karleigh Schoonover-Sutherlin

7. Emaly McBroom-Sutherlin

8. Rylynn Mack-Sutherlin

9. Margie Harris-Myrtle Point

10. Jack Mornarich-Glide

Individual Ranking for Beginning:

1. Teaghan Riley-Sutherlin

2. Andi Robinson-Roseburg

3. Sylvia Smith-Roseburg

4. Zack Radmer-Sutherlin

5. Addison Roberts-Sutherlin

6. Kylie Henderson-Roseburg

7. Evelyn Parkhurst-Glide

8. Faith Demers-Glide

9. Twig Eslinger-Sutherlin

10. Roxy Gibbons-Glide

Madison Temmel is the education reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at and 541-957-4217.

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