Sunnyslope Elementary School’s cafeteria and gymnasium were transformed into oceanic science laboratories Tuesday evening.

“We have a science exploratorium every year,” Sunnyslope Principal Don Schrader said as he threw freshly dissected squid in a garbage can.

“I’ve been so involved in the squid dissection that I haven’t had much time to see how everything else is going,” Schrader said, adding, “But the kids really like the squid. They’re slimy.”

Students had a chance to dissect the squids, which came from Nickabob’s Meat Market, and get a good look on the inside.

“It looks cool,” third grader Mya Arnott said about dissecting the squid.

For others, the Newport Aquarium’s display of shark images, teeth and information was a big draw.

“I like sharks,” second grader Kade Baxter said. ”All sharks.”

Newport Aquarium came to the school earlier in the day for an assembly on urchins and other invertebrates living in the ocean.

Students showing up to the event were met by simulated tidal pools outside, which also drew attention from some of the young softball players and their siblings who found refuge from the rain under the overhang at the playground.

Inside, the cafeteria housed several science experiments, such as the squid dissection and shark exhibit. Students could also make a submarine porthole or a sharknado, or learn about shoreline erosion and saltwater density.

Most of the gymnasium was transformed into a salmon migration course with a small section set aside where students could learn how to cast a fly.

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