CAMAS VALLEY — Logan Dancer said he didn’t mind coming to school in the summer, at least not if it meant he got to learn 3D printing and robotics.

The incoming fifth-grader is one of 40 students who registered for Camas Valley Charter School’s K-8 Summer Enrichment Program, which took place Monday through Thursday from July 8 to July 18.

“It gives us more flexibility with what teachers want to teach,” Camas Valley Charter School Vice Principal Tyler Ochs said.

The program also helps combat academic loss many students experience over the summer.

Summer activities included mystery science, STEAM, 3D printing, puppet shows, music, interactive history and more. At the end of each day, students would come together for a large group activity.

Tayten Jones, who will be entering fourth grade, said he learned to make a flashing light using what he learned in mystery science.

On Tuesday, second- and third-grade students were sanding wooden dowels to make aboriginal clapping sticks for a music class in the afternoon.

The older students were working on 3D printing projects.

“This summer I really like 3D printing and I did a cool paracord bracelet in art,” Logan said.

While 40 students were registered for the program, the program averaged about 25 students attending each day, Ochs said. Students are divided into three groups; kindergarten and first grade, second and third grade, and fourth grade and above.

“Our student-to-teacher ratio is even lower during the summer,” Ochs said. “We pay even more individual attention to the kids.”

Incoming fourth-grader Dakota Brooks said she loves summer school so much. “I like to be with my favorite teachers and assistants,” Dakota said. “I also like playing with my friends and hanging out with them.”

Breakfast and lunch were provided by the state’s summer meals program. The camp concluded Thursday with a trip to the movie theater and a picnic in the park.

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