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During her years at Camas Valley High School, senior Alexis Roberson participated in basketball, volleyball and track. She will be attending Umpqua Community College in the fall.

CAMAS VALLEY — Nearly a straight-A student today, Camas Valley School senior Alexis Roberson remembers a time in the beginning of high school when academia took a place on the back burner of her life.

Roberson attended Roseburg High School in her freshman year for one month where she was getting As and Bs. Then she transferred to Douglas High School in Winston where she started hanging out with the wrong crowd and plummeted to a 1.5 GPA.

Her mother then enrolled Roberson into Camas Valley School in her sophomore year, where she increased to a 1.8 GPA. In her junior year she jumped to a 3.5 GPA and now she’s pushing a 4.0 GPA in her senior year.

“Something clicked for Alexis at the beginning of her junior year, and she suddenly came alive in the classroom,” said CVS language arts teacher Christian Bringhurst. “Alexis has set ambitious academic goals for herself beyond high school.”

Among the experiences that changed Roberson’s outlook on life were seeing her classmates drop out of school, get into drugs, have kids early and just not care.

“Life was passing me by, so I thought I might as well make the best of it,” Roberson said. “To get into good colleges and to get a good career, you need to have good grades to be successful.”

Roberson then underwent a mind-set change that caused her to make a decision to start studying and doing better in school.

“Once I started getting good grades, I saw that I could actually do it, so I wanted to try my hardest,” she said. “I started going to school more often, getting better friends and hanging out with a better crowd.”

In her junior year, Roberson also started to improve upon her extracurricular life. She participated in athletic activities like volleyball and track. By her senior year, she lettered in basketball, volleyball and track, earning high honors for her participation in all three sports.

“Participating in all three sports in my senior year was a big help because I had to keep my grades up, keep going to school and I had to be there every day to practice,” she said. “By finishing sports, I became proud of myself and I got better and better in progression.”

While staying academically and athletically active, Roberson also worked a part-time job at the A&W Restaurant in Green. Outside of school, she enjoys riding horses and reading books for her classes. She has also taken weight training classes for the last three years and volunteers at the Dream Center and New Hope Christian Center.

Roberson considers CVS social studies teacher Mary Bringhurst as the most influential teacher in her scholastic life, crediting the teacher with helping her get back on the right academic track.

“She was with me after school every day helping me to rewrite my papers so I could graduate,” Roberson said. “I was in her class daily just learning how to write a paragraph perfectly. She was helping me with everything in my junior year.”

Roberson describes her overall high school experience as “hard at first, but once I figured it out, I really got going and it was easy.”

With an avid interest in art her entire life, Roberson followed up with research and chose a career that was a form of art. She aspires to become a plastic surgeon, merging art with science.

Next year, Roberson plans to attend Umpqua Community College and then transfer to a four-year college like Oregon State University.

Among her other notable accomplishments, Roberson can say she will be the first person in her family to graduate from high school with a diploma. She now has the confidence to do well in life and to continue on to college, which she says is a reality and no longer a dream.

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