Nearly a month after a snowstorm effectively shut down Douglas County, most school districts have decided how they will make up for the missed week of classes.

But some are also looking to make adjustments to future calendars.

“We’re planning ahead,” said Laurie Simleness, an office secretary for the Yoncalla School District. “We’ve always had makeup days built in, but they’ve been a little early. So we’re planning some later in the school year.”

Yoncalla already made up a day in March and will make up for more lost instructional time in April.

Elkton School District, where the high school was transformed into a shelter by the American Red Cross, is making up days in April and May, and adding a half day on June 7.

“We only missed four full days,” Elkton Superintendent Andy Boe said. “Two (days) and a half day of makeup. We’re a four-day week so we were able to use some of the Fridays. We did not eliminate teacher (professional development) days either.”

When looking at redoing some of the calendars, district administrators have to take into account staff, both classified and licensed, students, parents and administrators.

Elkton was out of school for the week of Feb. 25, but resumed class on March 4 — although there were a number of two-hour delays in the following weeks.

“I think that coming back, kids really wanted to be back. And we let kids take showers, and as it turned out, some of them were out of power until this week, so that’s 24 days,” Boe said. “I think it was really good. It allowed parents to have a little breather too, have a place for kids to be.”

While there were a few students who didn’t have power for weeks, there were others who were minimally impacted by the snowstorm. Elkton is a charter school and attracts a number of students from the coastal towns.

The Salvation Army, which took over shelter responsibilities for the American Red Cross, hosted its last dinner Tuesday, and at the high school, it’s back to business as usual this week.

“We made it work,” Boe said. “It wasn’t ideal. I think the harder part was the two-hour delay days because we have some shared staff, but we made that work. Really, the Red Cross folks were so easy to work with.”

Other school districts making up days before the end of the school year are Glide and Winston-Dillard.

Officials from Oakland, Glendale and South Umpqua school districts did not return phone calls about how they are making up missed instructional time. The website for South Umpqua School District said two makeup days were added, but it was not clear when those days were scheduled. Oakland School District had two scheduled snow makeup days, but it was not clear if those were used.

Roseburg Public Schools decided not to use its scheduled makeup days.

Instead, the school board changed the elementary and middle school teacher conferences into instructional days and added one day to the end of the school year. High school graduation will still take place Saturday, June 8, and the last day for seniors remains unchanged at June 6.

Camas Valley’s school building was without power for an additional week following the storm. Students were out of school from Feb. 25 until March 8 and the school year will be extended by one day.

Superintendent Patrick Lee said the district, which only has school four days a week, would be adding four Fridays to its schedule.

North Douglas and Days Creek School Districts said they would not be adding days.

Sutherlin School District added four days to the end of the school year, moving the final day to June 11. Riddle School District will now end its school year on June 12, to account for the missed days.

Sanne Godfrey can be reached at or 541-957-4203. Follow her on Twitter @sannegodfrey.

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