Douglas High School first semester honor roll

These are the students who made the first semester honor roll at Douglas High School.

Ninth Grade

3.5-4.0 GPA — Camren Albertus, Lerraina Cotton, Karissa Killgore, Elijah Knight, Brennan Korb, Cherokee Price-Kessler, Seth Rincon, Samantha Perron, Ayden Woods, Haley Maurer, Alexander Fulton, Dylan Gale, Kaya Heath, Zander McGhehey, Cooper Akins, Ava Dotson, Savanna Levering, Suzi Wellman, Brayden West, Bryson Baird, Keyaira Bruehling, Kambree Lee, Kylar Middleton.

3.0-3.49 GPA — Alexander Gale, Seth Marsh, Logan Nelson, Galo Parker, Francisco Barocio, Tyler Dunstan, Evan Martin, Isaac Solesbee, Colby O’toole.

10th Grade

3.5-4.0 GPA — Chase Fouts, Skylee Pettit, Payton Pierce, Adrianna Sulffridge, Librado Zundel, Whitney Hunter, Angel Mercurio, Michael Raynor, Emily Smalley, Cora Van Allen, Kaitlynn Wade, Prestonn Wierichs, Russell Lounsbury, Kahikiokanilehua Nielsen, Ethan Sumpter, Jean Tristany, Branson Willis, Kody Wierichs Ryan Jenkins.

3.0-3.49 GPA — Caleb Cathey, Sierra Kerr, Emily McWhorter, Andre Vasquez, Kierra Bennett, Bella Hester, Devin Krussow, Taylor McCombs, Cheyenne Geyer, Tristen Ronk, Cori Boyd, Faith Simon.

11th Grade

3.5-4.0 GPA — Israel Sierra, Storm Escalante, Austyn Jones, Caleb Jones, Logan Prudencio, Zoey Smalley, Ricardo Valle, Lesley Manor, Cord Mincher, Tim Halfbrodt, Erin Bray, David Geyer.

3.0-3.49 GPA — Allie Stepp, David Bennett, Faith Weaver.

12th Grade

3.5-4.0 GPA — Evan Salthouse, Mackenzii Phillips, Lucas Van Dermark, Sydnee Cook, Emily Newell, Laura Emigh, Breeann Jones, Micah Pelobello, Elizabeth Avant, Andrew Dubie, Treven Killgore, William Fisher, Zoie Gorder, Noah Knight, Molly Allen, Jesse Brecht, Leevi Brown, Mya Skurk, Manuel Jaime, Giovanni Boyle, Alexandra Gunn.

3.0-3.49 GPA — David Prudencio, Landen Lane, Seth Christian, Emma Freeman, Zacharee Wilson, Destiny Henderson, Makenna Anderson.

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