SUTHERLIN — Applying medication to a goat, handling a bull and being able to identify different parasites are just a few of the things Umpqua District FFA students were doing during Thursday evening’s Veterinary Science Career Development Event.

“It’s really fun,” said Nolan Carson, Sutherlin High School senior and FFA Umpqua District president. “You get to talk to people who have one of these career paths. It teaches you what you would do and connects you with people.”

In addition to the veterinary science competition, there was also an agricultural sales competition. Students had to sell a product, use customer service skills, search for new customers and be able to handle telephone inquiries.

There were 41 judges on hand, all with experience in the industry, for the two events.

“It’s a perfect opportunity to learn, and it gives you everyday life skills,” Oakland High School student Aubrey Templeton said.

Templeton tried to sell cakes and even brought samples for the judges.

“In the past I’ve been super nervous, but this time I think I handled it pretty well,” she said. Templeton finished eighth in the individual advanced agricultural sales competition.

Carson finished first in the individual advanced veterinary science competition, Roseburg High School senior Nyomi Mohlsick finished fifth.

“I plan on being a vet in the future,” Mohlsick said, adding that the event was good practice. “It makes me feel like a real life vet.”

Glide High School freshman Ben Reppenhagen had never participated in a sales competition, and although he was able to sell his automatic pig waterer he did learn some valuable lessons too.

“I learned to come more prepared,” he said, explaining that he had not brought photos of his product to better explain how things worked to the judges.

There were 93 competitors, 51 in veterinary science and 42 in ag sales, from seven different schools — Elkton, Douglas, Glide, Roseburg, Sutherlin, Oakland and Myrtle Point— at the competition.

Team results

Advanced Ag Sales — 1. Sutherlin, 2. Oakland, 3. Glide. Beginning Ag Sales — 1. Sutherlin, 2. Oakland, 3. Glide.

Advanced Vet Science — 1. Sutherlin, 2. Roseburg, 3. Elkton. Beginning Vet Science — 1. Douglas, 2. Sutherlin, 3. Elkton.

Individual results

Advanced Ag Sales — 1. Austin VanHouten, Oakland; 2. Sidney Williams, Sutherlin; 3. Sterling Foster, Sutherlin; 4. Joe Godowa, Oakland; 5. Shyla Hunt, Sutherlin; 6. Mariah Summers, Sutherlin; 7. Marissa Magna, Sutherlin; 8. Aubrey Templeton, Oakland; 9. Johanna Simonson, Oakland; 10. Josh Hulse, Glide.

Beginning Ag Sales — 1. Audrey VanHouten, Oakland; 2. James Coffand, Roseburg; 3. Grace Denley, Sutherlin; 4. Tyler Cortes, Sutherlin; 5. Olivia McCurdy, Roseburg; 6. Micah Wicks, Sutherlin; 7. Justina Pynch, Glide; 8. Alisha Moos, Sutherlin; 9. Isabella Denn, Roseburg; 10. Amelia Murphy, Glide.

Advanced Vet Science — 1. Nolan Carson, Sutherlin; 2. Regan Leatherwood, Sutherlin; 3. Sadie Olsen, Elkton; 4. Grace Matteo, Sutherlin; 5. Nyomi Mohlsick, Roseburg; 6. Elizabeth Bakke, Roseburg; 7. Katie Price, Sutherlin; 8. Colby Fairbairn, Roseburg; 9. Callista Dake, Oakland; 10. Grace Urbach, Roseburg.

Beginning Vet Science — 1. Jasmine Bailey, Roseburg; 2. Randall Gritton, Elkton; 3. Sarah Dickie, Douglas; 4. Cash Boe, Elkton; 5. Madison Crump, Sutherlin; 6. Rylie Shaver, Sutherlin; 7. Jasman Brar, Elkton; 8. Kyra Wilder, Douglas; 9. Mariah Ortegon, Douglas; 10. Alexis Cervantes, Sutherlin.

Sanne Godfrey can be reached at sgodfrey or 541-957-4203. Follow her on Twitter @sannegodfrey.

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