First Quarter

Geneva Academy finished its first quarter, here are the students who made it onto the honor roll.

Headmaster’s Honor Roll, secondary students with a 3.7 GPA or higher — Seventh grade: Tim Kitchens, Samuel Monteiro; Ninth grade: Timothy Johnson; 10th grade: Grace Kitchens, Penny Lester, Benjamin Boice, Evan Chapin; 11th grade: Heidi Lester, Maggie Sewell, Allen Boice, Bryson Trenkle; 12th grade: Aidan Allen

Honor Roll, secondary students with a 3.3 — 3.69 GPA — Seventh grade: Darwin Hudson, Justice Sorensen, Aubry Vaughn, Faith Warren; Eighth grade: Joseph Fusco, Marcus Ramirez, Kevan Trenkle, Hudson Allen; 10th grade: Kennedy Trenkle.

Honor Roll A, grammar School students with all A’s — First grade: Jake Bailey, Caleb Gage, Taylor Garrelts, Jovie Kirkendall, Callie Russell, Joy Bailey, Tallulah Gallant, Huddie Thrall, MacKenzie Wikstrom, Sidney Mauch; Second grade: Elijah Cuyugan, Matteo Ramirez, Celina Lantz, Jackson Lindbloom, Madison Wells, Pierce Sexton; Third grade: Hannah Cuyugan, Reek Kroeker, Colton Mauch, Kassie Tipping, Engine Veloria, Louis Hudson, Simon Richards, Alex Tucker, Grace Bailey, Daisy Roberts, Camden Stratton; Fourth grade: Caelia Stokes, Kassandra Manoos; Fifth grade: Serenity Ryan, Electro Veloria, Brooke Sexton, Collette Shellard, McKinley Mauch, Katelyn Tipping; Sixth grade: Noelle Kroeker, Trinity Ryan, Skyla Stokes, Kyrra Tucker, Karis Sommer, Eli Warren

Honor Roll A-B, grammar School students with all A’s and no more than 2 B’s — First grade: Jeremiah Stokes, Atticus Winder, Brock Robinson, Annabelle Delamotte, Hazel Christian, Izzayah Galusha, Caleb Schenk, Maylee Carson; Second grade: Jezreel Johnson, Zeke Vaughn, Aliyana Kimball, Violet Kroeker, Jordan Fusco; Third grade: Adrian Allen, Phoebe Gage; Fourth grade: Maggie Brady, Sophia Shook; Sixth grade: Hayden Warren, Micah Fusco, Kellen Garrett.

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