Below are students who have achieved honor roll at Geneva Academy for the second quarter of the 2018-19 school year.

Headmaster’s Honor Roll (Secondary students with a GPA of 3.7 or higher)

Seventh grade — Nolia Nibblett; Justus Ryan; Judah McAfee. Eighth grade — Grace Kitchens; Gary Church; Benjamin Boice; Penny Lester; Kennady Trenkle; Evan Chapin;. Ninth grade — Benjamin Paschall; Heidi Lester; Allen Boice; Bryson Trenkle. Tenth grade — Ceci Potter. Eleventh grade — Heidi Duclos; Kaitlyn Riley. Twelfth grade — Hannah Jacobsen; Chris Kramer; Breez Hansen; Alli Paschall; Aiden Boice.

Honor Roll (Secondary students with a GPA of 3.3 to 3.69)

Seventh grade — Cayden Eckel; Amy Whitney. Eighth grade — Ali Wright. Ninth grade — Maggie Sewell.

Honor Roll A (Grammar School students with all As)

First grade — Adrian Allen; Nate Church; Cooper Cornutt; Hannah Cuyugan; Phoebe Gage; Tyson Ikola; Callan Kirkendall; Elianna Lantz; Colton Mauch; Wade Molatore; Simon Richards; Daisy Roberts; Engine Veloria; Grace Bailey; Isaac Davis; Hunter Heard; Camden Stratton. Second grade — Kassandra Manoos; Bella McAfee; Elliott Owens; Andrea Chitwood; Atlas Hicks. Third grade — Serenity Ryan; Brooke Sexton; Electro Veloria; Rachel Hazen. Fourth grade — Skyla Stokes; Eli Warren; Noelle Johnson Kroeker; Kyrra Tucker; Kellen Garrett. Fifth grade — Abe Church; Gracie McAfee; Shayne Smith; Faith Warren; Tim Kitchens. Sixth grade — Timothy Johnson Kroeker; Joseph Fusco.

Honor Roll A-B (Students with all As and no more than 2 Bs)

First grade — Alexis Eckel. Second grade — Caelia Stokes; Mason Wells; Ryder Geyer; Anna Fusco; Eli Spencer. Third grade — McKinley Mauch; CaiCai Tongio; Sarah Yun; Gabriel Abrio. Fourth grade — Hayden Warren; Trinity Ryan. Fifth grade — Samuel Monteiro; Emma Boice. Sixth grade — Kendyl Elias; Kevan Trenkle; Hudson Allen; Marcus Ramirez.

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