In keeping with the Summer Reading Program theme of “Reading Colors Your World,” we are sharing more books that focus on colors or have a color in the title.

There is plenty of time to complete the Summer Reading Program by the Aug. 28 deadline. Information about the requirements, including logs for children, teens and adults, is available at the library and on the library’s website at

Board Books

“Leprechaun’s Rainbow” by Carlo Beranek and Christy Tortland is a cute book to scour the illustrations with your child. The simple rhyming text takes you through the colors of the rainbow.

On the pages, text identifies some illustrations of the named color, but not all; it gives a great chance for your child to identify more items of the same color. This is a fun read with idyllic pictures.

Picture Books

“Rainbow Hat” by author and illustrator couple Hong Hai is an international book translated from the Dutch. The story follows a beautiful hat that has all the colors of the rainbow as the wind has taken it off a bear’s head.

The illustrations are clear, simple designs rich with a variety of color reminiscent of Eric Carle’s style. The story is perfect to read with children as the illustrations match the words and highlight the actions of the animals with bolded verbs such as walk, float and swim.

This is a simple story that has been published in multiple languages.

Middle Grades

“A Rainbow of Rocks” by Kate DePalma is the kind of book kids and adults alike can use to memorize factoids about rocks and minerals.

For example, the ruby is one of the hardest minerals, topping out at nine on the 10-point Mohs scale, and citrine is rusty because it has iron in it.

The photographs are large and brilliant, allowing the reader to see air bubbles in basalt, six-sided pyramids in amethyst and cube-like crystals in fluorite.

All ages will have fun gathering interesting conversation starters from this short book.


If you like historical fantasies with strong female leads, you might enjoy “A Golden Fury” by Samantha Cohoe. Thea is a teenager living in a magical 1792 France. Alchemy is all the rage, and Thea has helped her mother crack the code to create the philosopher’s stone granting eternal life.

Unfortunately, the nasty side effect is a tendency for the alchemists to go mad. When her mother’s illness worsens, Thea is forced to retreat to her home country of England, where she meets her father and reunites with her love. Escapades ensue, forcing Thea to make some difficult decisions.

“A Golden Fury” is full of action and presents Thea as a mature teen who realizes the ramifications of unbridled power.

All of these books are available at the library. Place holds at, or contact library staff at or 541-492-7050 for assistance.

Kris Wiley is the director of the Roseburg Public Library. She can be reached at or 541-492-7051.

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