Golden apples shimmered in the front of the conference room at the Roseburg Country Club on Thursday to honor 17 educators from Roseburg and South Umpqua school districts and one from Douglas Education Service District.

Educators from each school were rewarded for their excellence in education at the Century 21 The Neil Company Real Estate 14th annual Golden Apple Awards. Douglas Education Service District School Psychiatrist Cindy Rohver also received one of the 18 golden apples.

Roseburg High School senior Ally Woodring gave a speech where she said that when her mother passed away suddenly a year ago, her teachers reached out to her and continued to believe in her.

“I would not be who I am without the impact of my teachers,” Woodring said.

South Umpqua award winners were Ariel Mainz of Canyonville School, Connie Clack of Myrtle Creek Elementary, Alice Turpen of Tri-City Elementary, Jessica Case of Coffenberry Middle School and Emily Figueroa Wolfe of South Umpqua High School.

Principals for the different building had different approaches on how their staff members were nominated. Coffenberry Middle School Principal Laura Smith told Case she was chosen, because “I think you would walk a mile, barefoot, in the snow, possibly through broken glass, if you thought it’d help just one of your students.”

All award winners received an explanation from their principals on why they were nominated.

Roseburg High Schools honored Fawn Shilts and Rose Alternative School awarded Alison McAfee. The awards for Fremont Middle School went to Steven Colkitt and Jo Lane Middle School’s Jason Baker also received an award.

Elementary school teachers honored in the Roseburg school district that were honored were Winchester’s Natalie Schrader, Eastwood’s Erica Workman, Fir Grove’s Buffie Gillespie, Fullerton IV’s Marie Leary, Green’s Gina Evenich, Hucrest’s Heather Hughes, Melrose’s Kathryn Spears and Sunnyslope’s Esther Hanson.

“Everywhere she goes she’s making an impact with our students and making an impact with our staff,” Fir Grove Principal Lisa Dickover said of Gillespie.

Throughout the years, more than 430 teachers have received golden apple awards in Douglas County.

Afterward, Neil Hummel, owner of Century 21 The Neil Company Real Estate, said he was humbled and honored by the educators.

“These were peer-to-peer compliments and you can’t have a bigger compliment than that,” he said.

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