T-shirts with the words “When you wish upon a crown, dreams come true” will set Miss Douglas County Megan McLaughlin and Miss Douglas County Outstanding Teen Olivia McCurdy apart at the Miss Oregon and Miss Oregon Outstanding Teen competition in Seaside this week.

The Miss Oregon Scholarship Program competition will start Wednesday and go until Saturday, when a new Miss Oregon and a new Miss Oregon Outstanding Teen will be crowned.

McLaughlin and McCurdy are both self-proclaimed Disney fanatics, who have used #DreamsComeTrue to chronicle their journeys on social media.

On Wednesday, June 19, the Miss Douglas County Scholarship Program had a send-off for the competitors with a Disney princess photo station and dessert. McLaughlin and McCurdy showed off the clothing they would wear during the competition and performed their talents.

When asked who their favorite Disney princess was the two didn’t have to think long.

“I would have to say that Belle is my favorite princess, simply because we have so much in common,” McLaughlin said. “One of my favorite past times is reading. The scene in Belle where the Beast gives her his library, I’m just like ‘Oh my gosh, I love this library so much in my life and I would love to read every book in there.’ I just love the story of Belle.”

McCurdy said her favorite princess was Cinderella and reminisced about how her grandmother would help her get dressed up as Cinderella.

“You guys are their village and we appreciate all the support you have given our girls to be successful,” said Brooke Painter, executive board member of the Miss Douglas County Scholarship Program. “We can’t wait to see them shine on stage in just a few days.”

The young women had a workshop last week to get ready for the competition, and McLaughlin said she’s excited to go back and be a part of the sisterhood.

McCurdy said she hopes to go to the beach and ride the carousel during the downtime, but is looking forward to showing off her new dancing outfit.

There are five different outfits in the competition. This is the first year that the competition will no longer include the swimsuit competition.

McLaughlin graduated from Corban University in May with a degree in business marketing and has moved back to Roseburg. McCurdy will be a sophomore at Roseburg High School when school starts back up in September.

Other competitors with ties to Douglas County include Miss Linn-Benton County Sarah Blum, Miss Sunstone Emily Warren, Miss Sierra Cascade Outstanding Teen Lily Brown and Miss Umpqua Valley Outstanding Teen Marin Gray, Miss Sunstone Outstanding Teen Kierra Bielman.

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