Paul Meyer

Paul Meyer

After 19 years on the Roseburg Public School Board, Paul Meyer turned in his resignation letter Wednesday morning, which was approved at the regular board meeting later that day.

The board declared his position vacant and board chairman Joseph Garcia told board member Micki Hall the procedure for selecting a replacement would be decided and formally announced at a later date. Meyer’s term was scheduled to end June 2019.

Meyer did not attend the meeting, and could not be reached for comment, but in a copy of his resignation letter, he said “19 years is long enough.”

The resignation letter, which was a two-sentence email to interim Superintendent Robert Freeman, was not included in the meeting packet.

Meyer served as chairman of the Curriculum and Instruction Committee and is a member of the Licensed Employee Bargaining Committee and Student Services Committee. He is the county counsel for Douglas County government.

Meyer cast one of three votes against putting former superintendent Gerry Washburn on administrative leave just a few weeks ago.

He is the second to resign from the board this summer. Daniel Endicott resigned in June and was replaced by Micki Hall.

Meeting minutes show Meyer was absent from seven of the 20 school board meetings for the 2017-2018 school year, not including last night’s meeting.

Board member Rodney Cotton said Meyer is someone who “always brought a different perspective to the board from day one.”

“Which I appreciated,” Cotton said. “He’s honest and true. There does come a time when it’s time for everything.”

Garcia remembered asking Meyer about the time commitment for the school board and said Meyer underplayed the involvement.

“We joked about how it was just a couple of meetings a month and a few emails here and there,” Garcia said. Garcia joined the board in 2008, immediately before the financial recession and remembers it being an especially heavy season as a board member.

Meyer had been the third longest serving board member, after Charles Lee, who’s served for 23 years, and Cotton, who’s served for 24 years.

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