Roseburg High School social studies teacher Micki Hall hands out donuts to the senior class of 2017 at the school this morning. As part of a senior prank, the students arrived early and moved 200 desks from inside classrooms to line the sidewalks and welcome staff and underclassmen as they arrived for the school day.

Micki Hall has been selected to take over the Roseburg Public Schools board position No. 2 recently vacated by Daniel Endicott.

Hall, who retired as a teacher from Roseburg High School, was sworn in by director Charles Lee after an hour-long interview by the board. Leah Hamilton, a parent and controller for Umpqua Community Health Center, also applied for the position.

In a first vote the board was split 3-3 on the decision, but during a second casting of ballots Hall came out as the winner.

“For over thirty-five years I have devoted my energy and enthusiasm to the Roseburg School District, and I hope to continue that for the next two and a half years as a member of the District Board of Directors,” Hall wrote in a bio to the board. “I humbly believe I have the intelligence, initiative, courage and enthusiasm to serve in this capacity, and I look forward to doing so with the same energy I have to teaching.”

Endicott’s resignation was accepted by the board during the June 13 meeting. Hall will serve the remainder of the term, which will end June 30, 2021.

Prior to the interview it was made clear that Hamilton had not submitted her application by July 1. But after some discussion on the wording in the posting for the position, and a vote by the board, she remained for the interview and was considered as a candidate.

Hamilton talked about her work on the Green Elementary School booster club, her role as a parent and her experience with education as well as her work for the health center. Hall said her teaching experience, openness, honesty, courage and insight into the community were some of her strengths.

When it came to identifying the district’s challenges and main goals, Hall said poverty is impacting the schools. She also hoped that the school board would take on the public relations role for the district and keep communication clear.

“You can’t be a leader without being a servant first,” Hall said. “That’s what I taught my leadership kids and that’s what I believe for me, too.”

She said school board members are most effective when they are knowledgeable, listening to their constituents and making compromises.

“You can’t make decisions without knowing the facts,” Hall said.

Hall submitted a guest column to The News-Review in response to a story about the school district’s decision not to re-hire volleyball coach Danielle Haskett. In it, Hall wrote, “The words of administrators, investigators, players and coaches did not matter to (Superintendent Gerry) Washburn; he ignored them. He has since ignored the pleas of dozens of district coaches. It seems the words and the actions this incident presented were sacrificed when Mr. Washburn took it upon himself to ignore both.”

It was not her first submission to the newspaper criticizing the school district’s top administrator.

During the board meeting, director Joseph Garcia was selected as the new chair and Steve Patterson became the new vice-chair. Garcia will be replacing Lee as the chair.

In his individual report at the end of the meeting, Garcia welcomed Hall to the board.

Hall moved to Roseburg in 1977 from Indiana and started volunteering at Fullerton IV Elementary School when her daughter entered first grade. She became so involved in, and passionate about, education that she decided to obtain certification from Southern Oregon University to teach high school English and social studies, she said. She then taught at Roseburg High School for 29 years.

The next school board meeting will take place at 6 p.m. Aug. 8 at the district office on 1419 NW Valley View Drive, Roseburg.

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Based on Micki Hall's words and actions it would seem that at times she isn't capable of being open minded or fair. Nor does she seem to truly care about knowing all facts before making decisions or posting her opinions. I would doubt that even if she were given all facts that she would ever admit that she was wrong. I agree with bohica13, she would do better to stick to handing out donuts.


Based on what students have reported about how she conducted class, and on complaints that have been made by parents to administration and to the school board, Hall would be considered extremely left-leaning (to put it gently). Hall will serve the remainder of Endicott’s term. His term was scheduled to end June 30, 2021.


Our schools and colleges are filled with "Progressive Minded" socialists ESPECIALLY Social Science teachers. You see their end products shouting down conservative speakers, and rioting in the streets across our nation. Handing out donuts seems like a more appropriate job for her. They're a disgrace!


Valid point.

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