A large flock of plastic pink flamingos stood under blue skies Thursday afternoon, basking in the warm sunlight. They stood in silence on the Roseburg Fire Department lawn, displaying colorful pink hues.

These birds have made appearances all over the Roseburg area, mysteriously arriving in people’s yards. That’s because John C. Fremont Middle School is using the birds in a fundraising project to help raise money for student supplies, book fees and sports uniforms.

The Fremont parent and staff association is providing plastic pink flamingos as lawn ornaments or classroom decorations for a $25 fee. Those who wish to pull a fun prank on their friends can order a flock of flamingos to be placed in their yard. Businesses or classrooms can get “flocked” as well.

A “congratulations you’ve been flocked” letter accompanies the flamingos, reminding individuals that it’s for fun only and that the birds will be removed at no charge. The letter said the flamingos will “roost for 2-4 days until they will mysteriously migrate to another friend’s (victim’s) location.”

To avoid pink flamingos from invading your lawn, you can order anti-flocking insurance for a $15 fee with a flock order to make sure that you are not pranked. The fee is $20 without a flock order.

Anyone can pay a $5 donation to find out who flocked them. However, someone who orders a flock can pay a $10 fee to make sure that the person that they “flocked” will never find out.

The city of Roseburg Fire Department was one business that was recently “flocked.” Gregg Timm, the department’s fire chief, described it as a lighthearted activity.

“It was a good-natured event and a good cause,” he said. “We as the city of Roseburg are in support of community events for the betterment of the school system.”

The fundraiser will continue until the end of the school year.

Anyone can place an order by picking up a form at the Roseburg Fire Department on Garden Valley Boulevard and bringing it to Fremont Middle School or by emailing fremontpsa@gmail.com or by calling 541-643-6108.

Reporter Haylie Ellison can be reached at 541-957-4218 or hellison@nrtoday.com.

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Student Reporter

Haylie Ellison is a student reporter for The News-Review who also works for The Umpqua Community College Mainstream. She can be reached at hellison@nrtoday.com or by phone at 541-957-4218. Follow her on Twitter @HaylieCEllison.

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