Students at Fremont Middle School raised approximately $12,000 for the annual walk-a-thon, which was held Friday.

Most of the money will go to the school’s positive behavioral interventions and support, but 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Roseburg’s at-risk veterans housing Eagle Landing.

“Money raised will be used at Fremont for staff programs and activities throughout the school year,” eight grade leadership student Malia Narciso said. “Activities like token reward system, student of the month, field trips, assemblies and more.”

Fremont’s leadership class organized the event, which is also the biggest fundraiser for the school.

“We always donate a portion and last year we chose Eagle Landing and this year we decided to donate to them again,” leadership teacher Mike Hoque said. “I’m an ex-service member so this is special to my heart.”

Hoque has been helping Fremont students for about 10 years. He does most of the coordinating or organization while the students do a lot of the legwork.

Throughout the week the leadership students have been manning a booth at the school’s entrance where students could turn in their donation money, while also keeping track of the money raised.

On Friday, leadership students manned the treat booths around the track and also walked around the track with garbage cans to pick up after their school mates.

Hoque added that of the money raised $2,000 to $3,000 is usually from the students in the leadership class.

About 700 students took part in the walk-a-thon. Each student was given a different color bracelet, to indicate how much money they had raised. That bracelet would also entitle students to treats, such as otter pops, candy, soda or chocolate, depending on how much money they had raised.

The rest of the students walked the track for 20 minutes, with music playing in the background.

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