The following Douglas County students are on the Oregon State University scholastic honor roll for the fall term of the 2017-18 school year.

Camas Valley

3.50 GPA or better: Whitney R. Lindsey, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies


4.00 GPA: Tanner J. Aldous, Junior, Chemistry; Jake I. LaCosse, Senior, Kinesiology. 3.50 GPA or better: Donald A. Ruud, Senior, Management


3.50 GPA or better: Kaila N. Trout, Senior, Animal Sciences.


4.00 GPA: Madeleine G. McArthur, Freshman, Biology. 3.50 GPA or better: Joseph A. Mooney, Junior, Zoology; Carson L. Trimble, Senior, Natural Resources.

Myrtle Creek

4.00 GPA: Hannah J. Sheely, Senior, BioHealth Sciences. 3.50 GPA or better: Hayden G. Doud, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Taylor L. Kuntz, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.


3.50 GPA or better: Rayanne N. Osburn, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Environmental Engineering.


4.00 GPA: Andrea C. Chiou, Senior, Psychology; Wiley A. Clough, Senior, Earth Sciences; Tristen R. Gilbert, Senior, Human Developoment and Family Science; Andreea Gosman, Senior, Biology; Corey J. Groshong, Junior, Civil Engineering; Nadia J. King, Sophomore, Biology; Danielle C. Medina, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Joshua E. Novak, Senior, Computer Science; Alannah L. Oleson, Senior, Computer Science; Kelly L. O’Neil, Senior, Human Development and Family Science; Elle F. Rappe, Senior, Human Development and Family Science; Kirstin R. Yeomans, Junior, Human Development and Family Science.

3.50 GPA or better: Westanna L. Adams, Junior, Animal Sciences; Maria L. Alcaraz, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Kevin-Lee C. Alexander, Senior, Mathematics; Gena M. Averett, Junior, Public Health; Stefan R. Ball, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Hunter K. Bancroft, Junior, Civil Engineering; Eric W. Batdorf, Senior, Human Development and Family Science; Sara J. Beaulieu, Senior, Civil Engineering; Emerald L. Berry-Cabiao, Senior, Management; Kathryn A. Brint, Sophomore, Graphic Design; Devon E. Burson, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Kevin B. Coalwell, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Bailey A. Daniels, Freshman, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Tom C. DeBell, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Wyatt A. Deck, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Alexis M. Dettrich, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Jessica A. Duarte, Junior, Natural Resources; Sara F. Engle, Senior, Music; Courtney P. Fitzgerald, Senior, Finance; Whitney N. Gasner, Junior, Pre-Business; Emma K. Gottfried, Junior, Kinesiology; Brady J. Haskett, Senior, Civil Engineering; Lily C. Hoffman, Sophomore, Biology; Clarissa A. Ibarra, Junior, Graphic Design; Nathan J. Kusler, Freshman, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Jacob S. Lightcap, Sophomore, Computer Engineer; Alison T. Luce, Junior, Natural Resources; Alexandra F. Luther, Junior, English; Laura V. Marchi, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Cody W. Merritt, Sophomore, Kinesiology; Anthony J. Netz, Sophomore, Mathematics; Blake J. Norton, Senior, History; Jared T. Priestley, Senior, Management; Kimberly E. Solberg, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Kristin A. Spielman, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Stephen L. Stoddard, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Elijah L. Trullinger, Senior, Kinesiology; John S. Vehrs, Senior, Horticulture; Corinne A. Walters, Senior, Forest Engineering.


4.00 GPA: Meshayla C. Hagen-Young, Senior, Political Science. 3.50 GPA or better: Chad J. Bebeau, Senior, Forestry; Kylee L. Carson, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; James L. Gugel, Senior, Bioengineering; Joseph C. Matteo, Sophomore, Natural Resources; Hannah L. Swearingen, Sophomore, Kinesiology; Christopher A. Traill, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science


3.50 GPA or better: Jessica A. Reeves, Senior, Natural Resources.


3.50 GPA or better: Cameron J. Friel, Junior, Computer Science; Kily C. Gilbert, Senior, Kinesiology.


4.00 GPA: Jakob N. Daniels, Senior, Accountancy; KC T. Perley, Senior, History; Minnie N. Sakulsakpinit, Senior, Biology. 3.5 or better: Michael C. Griffin, Senior, Forest Engineering; Matthew Gulan, Senior, Kinesiology; Jessica L. Hinkson, Senior, Psychology


4.00 GPA: Tyler S. Gustafson, Junior, Agricultural Business Manageme.

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